Sunday, March 30, 2008

I think I needed a break!

Sometimes there is just too much life in your life. I have a lot of that. This has been THE WORST Spring Sickness season EVER...even Ethan ended up with pneumonia and he's my healthiest one-I think he has only been sick two other times in his whole ten years. Allison has been ok suprisingly! She's the one with asthma, but we've recently found a new specialist for her and whatever he is doing is totally working! I think this is the first time in her life that she hasn't ended up with pneumonia or bronchitis or something during this time of year...I'm very pleased with him and he is now my NewFavoriteDoctorInTheWorld! Claire, however, is another story...I know the first year of public school/Kindergarten can be tough on their little immune systems but, she had been in Mother's Day Out (until we moved to SA) and she is ALWAYS running around with her big brother and sister's friends. She's not afraid of anything and is no stranger to germs and bacteria! lol! But from the time she went back to school after Christmas until Spring Break she has been sick with one thing after another...a virus here, Strep Throat there, even some Tonsilitis thrown in for good measure. Hopefully, all of the germs in the school died out over Spring Break and we are all good to go for the rest of the school year!

*Knock on wood here*

Plus, I just haven't been feeling very much like doing anything. I have a gabillion ideas, just no energy. It's starting to come back though, and I spent 4 hours in Claire's room yesterday cleaning out EVERYTHING! I also cleaned out and organized the closet in the gameroom...there are a couple of games and puzzles I left in there that I'm not sure we actually have all the pieces for (like 'Mousetrap. Who actually has all of the pieces for 'Mousetrap'? lol!), but, I didn't want it to look too empty, if you know what I mean. Oh, and going back to cleaning out Claire's room...she has this really old Care Bear blanket that I have NEVER been a fan of. I had planned to throw it out. But, it must have gotten left behind somewhere between the giant garbage bag and the dirty laundry pile because there it was on top of her bed this morning! grrrrr....

Anyway...we are all still here, alive and mostly well and Lucy's wardrobe is steadily growing! (I think that's where Allison spends all of her money.) I just want to say "Hello!" to everybody that comes around here...I really do appreciate all of you and I do plan to be back more regularly.