Friday, May 25, 2007

Sheesh! I never have time to blog anymore...

But, today is the last day of school. So things should slow down now, right??? lol! I'll be back!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Yeah, I's been a while...

It's May. I hate May. Well, not really but, it is THE busiest month ever. Even worse than December. OK, well, maybe they are equal. From Cinco de Mayo all the way to the last day of school it doesn't stop with the school events. Then weird things keep happening on top of yesterday. The gas that heats the water in the water heater decided to turn off. Why? No one knows. We had gas to the fireplace and to the heater-like we really need to use those in TX in May, but just not the water heater. Makes for a very cold shower. Called the gas company and the guy was here within, NO LIE, 30 minutes! San Antonio is the best city ever! In Houston, that would have taken 3 days.

So, he came out and checked everything and it was all good; he got the pilot light back on. He has no idea what made it go out though. I swear to you I'm haunted. Not in a bad way, but spirits follow me. This stuff just doesn't happen to other people. It's always something.

Anyway...back to May and all it's busy-ness. Before next Friday I have to make cupcakes for Ethan's class party, make a baby quilt for his teacher who is having a baby this summer, finish a bracelet I started for her, and maybe throw in a few other things for the baby. Oh, and I'm going to do the cupcakes with her face on them like I did the ones for Cinco de Mayo-I REALLY should have taken a picture of those! They were so cute! AND-finish up some belated Mother's Day things for my mom that we have been working on so we can bring them to her next weekend. Plus send out 2...wait, I think it might be 3...swap things-one has to go out tomorrow so I'd better get to painting. AND, Gayla has requested another baby blanket for her neice, Milo, (lol!) and I found the cutest material and it's going to be adorable, but, I gotta make it first.

And I'm determined to finally meet up with my friend, Deb the Debutant! Click on her link over on the right sidebar and check out her blog. She has to be the strongest woman I know. While you're at it, check out her and her daughter Zoe's fund raising efforts for the Leukemia-Lymphoma Society-TEAM ZOE! Zoe, who is in First Grade, is so organized, she has even appointed her best friend as Vice-President of Make-Up! roflmao! Priorities! You gotta look good when you are fundraising! Allison, Ethan and Claire have decided they are going to donate $1.00 a week from their allowances until they each raise $10.00. Claire has a special 'Fundraising Bag' she is keeping her money in, and has combed the whole house and gathered up all the loose change she can find and already has $2.47! And sure, I'd love to kick in some cash, but, I'm trying to figure out a way to make and sell something that would *hopefully* make more money than I could ordinarily give. I was practicing last night with some red jewelry. Bracelets would be easy. Earrings, too. I did make a pendant with a couple of small silver beads and one bigger red one in the middle, but, I need some bigger red beads I think. If I ever do actually wear a necklace, it's always something small, but lots of people like really big pendants, so I think I'll look around for something a little bigger. If Steven can finish up my office so I can actually use it for it's intended purpose, I could make some really cool soldered necklaces/pendants/charms, and I would really like to do that because I could personalize it with some kind of Team Zoe theme or a Deb theme, since we are actually raising the money for her. Feel free to kick in ideas if y'all have any!

Hmmm...anything else??? Nah, I think just school stuff, and obviously I'll HAVE TO go shopping for bigger red beads! lol! Oh, and I think Claire and I had a little virus or something going on last week that we probably picked up off a shopping cart somewhere along the way, but, it's all good now. Except that since I hadn't eaten anything except a few crackers-not even a whole roll-since last Thursday, I started actually starving to death yesterday...I think I'll have to go get a big hamburger and onion rings at Bigz today. *wink, wink* And as I type, Claire is swarming around me like a vulture wanting doughnuts from Krispy Kreme. She's feeling better, also!

The Spurs are still going strong! GO SPURS GO!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Why don't they ever sign me up for napkins or paper plates?

Cinco de Mayo is coming up, so Allison's Spanish Class is having a party. Well, not just her Spanish Class, but ALL 6 Spanish Classes. The teacher's have gotten smart, and decided to bribe the students with the deal of replacing their lowest quiz grade with a 100 if they bring something for the party. Allison signs me right up...for cupcakes. She wanted to sign me up for cookies, but, that was already taken, so 3,074 cupcakes it is! *So I exaggerate a little.*

"But what about the napkins, paper plates, cups...why don't you ever sign me up for that really easy stuff?", I ask her.

"Oh, I don't know. I didn't think about that."

Tonight's Agenda: 3,074 Cinco de Mayo themed cupcakes!