Saturday, December 31, 2005

Too good to be true!

There is a 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent' marathon all day today on USA! This is my very favorite show in all of TV land! I love that guy character...what's his name...something...someone...GOREN! I think that's it...Robert Goren. But Steven wants to go eat mexican food. Now I'm in the middle of a huge delima! Mexican food is my favorite food in all of Food Land! What to choose! I'm afraid if I turn off the TV, Law & Order won't come on again. Guess I'll have to check and see just how long this is going to be on, and schedule mealtimes accordingly.

Friday, December 30, 2005


I think I was in a bad mood when I posted that last post! But don't worry...I've had some ice cream, and everything is all better now!:)

My Happy Bunny

You're a bunny bent on revenge! Mwhahaha!
Everyone's afraid to get on your bad side!

What Happy Bunny Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
Took the "Which Happy Bunny are You" claims I'm hellbent on revenge. Funny thing is, I don't usually take revenge out on others...I wait for all that bad karma to catch up with them. It will get them much better than I ever could! But, if there was a Happy Bunny that said, "Fuck off!" or "Get the fuck away from me!" or "Shut the fuck up!"...THAT would be mine!

The singing, the fighting, the drama...

"Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka
He's the greatest chocolatier
Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka..."

The only sound coming out of my TV for the last 5 days comes from the 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' DVD. About 3 times I've been able to go in there when no one is around and actually get to change it to 'Law & Order'. It lasts about 3 seconds, then they all come rushing in, "Where's Willy Wonka? I was watching that!" Me: "From OUTSIDE???" Them: "Well, I was just taking a break. But I'm back in now." Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka...

And you know how they fight over, bathrooms (they all have their own, but they fight over the GUEST bathroom!), Daddy, who gets to open the door first, food...whatever Claire wants, Ethan says, "But when we were at the store, Daddy bought this for MEEEEEEEEE!!!" Of course I go on to tell them that all the food here is for everyone. If you want something specific that you don't want to share, buy it with your own money. OK-got over that hurdle. But now we are fighting over FLAVORS of what was bought. Like yogurt. You know those little 6 packs that come in god-awful flavors like 'Watermelon-Green Apple' and 'Blueberry-Raspberry Cotton Candy'? Claire made the mistake of grabbing a blue one this morning...she should have known...Ethan felt those vibes from 3500 square feet away and appeared in the kitchen like magic..."The blue ones are only for ME! Blue is for boys, pink is for girls! The pink ones are YOURS, Claiya!"...he says with his little speech problem with his R's. lol!

And the drama! Nothing like a 4 year old girl to bring it on! 7:30 am..."Mom, can we play outside now?" "Um, Claire, it's like 29 degrees out there. Let's wait till it warms up a little bit." "Whaaaaaaaaaa! You NEEVVVER let me play outside!!! You ALWAYS make me stay in! I NEEVVVER...". OK people-if you just go to my 'What were you wearing Christmas Day?' post, you will see I have photographic evidence of Claire playing outside. So she can't say never...I did let her out once.

What's today? Today is Friday, right? They go back to school on Tuesday...well, I'm dropping them off at school anyway...Steven will be home till then...I just might make it through this one with my sanity relatively intact.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Refridgerator

This first shot is the general inside of the fridge...looks pretty good now, because my mom has been here and she organized it. She's only been gone since Tuesday, so it still looks ok. Normally, everything just gets shoved in every which way and any way it will fit. I do know that in addition to our normal stuff, there is still a big ham in that big white plastic bag, and there are a bunch of leftovers in little containers and some sweet potatoes in that big glass pan. This really isn't the normal inside for us...I need to take a picture a couple of weeks from now when it's packed with Lunchables and yogurt and Gogurt and cheese and all of our normal foods!

This is a shot of the most important shelf...Lauri's shelf. My water and orange juice (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE!)and definitely WITHOUT pulp, and wine. ROFL!

This is Steven's shelf with his Starbucks stuff and Chai and Soy Milk.

And a shot of the, popsicles and ice. That's pretty much all we use it for.

The outside of the fridge with all the artwork, notes and decorations...

...along with the side.

Aren't you all so glad Hayley tagged me for this?!? lol! Personally, I think it's kind of fun, seeing how other people live. Now I'm gonna tag Hayley back...I want to see pictures of her tackiest Christmas decoration! Somehow though, I'm having trouble she has anything even remotely tacky! But...maybe something ugly??? lol! Eh, while I'm at it, I want to see Kim's and Morgan's, too! Might as well. Y'all are my only friends who actually have blogs!

OH! I also have several new posts this morning, so keep on scrolling down. And I also started a new blog to keep shots of artwork and stuff for a 'picture trail', so check in there every so often!

And the 1st Place Award for Tackiest Christmas Decorations goes to...

ME! When Allison decorated this cactus with colored lights just a couple of weeks ago, it was happy, healthy and standing on it's own. Then the temperatures dropped into the 20's...and that apparently killed the cactus. Now it just looks like something that needs Viagra.

What were YOU wearing on Christmas Day...and a 'Mommy Daughter Moment"

So...we had a lovely Christmas, if not a white one. Or, well, just a different kind of white...sand. Ethan and Claire have been having a ball in the sand pile in front of the house they are building next door! I think it makes Steven anxious, because "you never know what's in there"! lol! But I'm betting it's only sand, and I remember how much fun Brian and I used to have in the sand from houses they were building around us when we were kids...I especially remember this one time, in South Carolina, when they were building across the creek that bordered our property across the back. We would cross the creek and play over there. One day, it was wet, and we got STUCK in the mud up to our shins, and could NOT pull our feet out! We just had to stand there and yell for help! LMAO! Mom finally came out...I must have been barefoot because I know I didn't ruin any shoes; but Brian had on his rubber boots, and when mom was finally able to pull his feet out they were covered in mud inside and out. I can still picture him sitting in the backyard with a water hose cleaning his boots. LOL!

ANYWAY...the kids are having fun with the sand, and I want them to have those memories. So I had to take this picture on Christmas Day, with temperatures outside threatening to break records held for over half a century (which they did on Tuesday) of Claire in a sundress playing in the sand...taking a break from riding her new Dora Scooter, which explains the helmet.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when we met a friend and her daughter at Mama's Cafe for breakfast about 9:00. It was so damn cold outside, I was wearing a scarf and hat! But, that's Texas weather for ya! But I thought this was a nice picture of me and Allison, so I thought I would share.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005


Fucking Blogger! It won't let me do anything...I can't comment on people's blogs and I can't upload pictures to my blog. I don't know what the fuck is wrong...I bet this won't even go through.
If it does though, I do know I have been tagged by Hayley to post pictures of my refridgerator. I have taken the pictures, but it doesn't do me any good because I can't post them anyway.
And I'm trying to think of who to tag next and for what...maybe "What's inside your dishwasher?" or "What just came out of your oven?" or "What were you wearing Christmas Day?" or, something I've got a GREAT picture for, "What was/is your worst Christmas decoration?"
Hopefully I can do this soon!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

The great thing about looking through old pictures is, you find stuff you completely forgot that you had! I found this reflection of me in a mirror when I was 6 mos. old...taken in February 1967.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Camera Tossing

So I read about this thing called 'Camera Tossing' (or throwing, or something like that) and I've been wanting to try it. Friday night, mom,dad, Brian, Steven and I and the kids went down to the Riverwalk for dinner and to see the Christmas lights...we took the river cruise and everything, and I thought that would be the perfect time to try it. Of course, I wasn't actually going to throw the camera up in the air, but I did move it really fast while taking the picture! lol! Here are a couple of those shots...this is great with Christmas lights!

I am also including a picture of the Tower Life Building and a picture of the Rivercenter Mall, because I thought they came out pretty great.

It has definitely been a very busy few days around here, and I feel like I could sleep for a week! It's been a great Christmas, and I hope everyone else has had a wonderful holiday as well!

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Still looking through the old pictures...

And I have serious questions about this one! My brother, Brian, is on the right, of course Santa in the middle, but, that kid on the left??? If I am thinking correctly, that kid was our next door neighbor when we lived in Atlanta-Christopher Williams. Brian didn't even like him! He was a whiney brat! (Chris, if you are reading this now, I'm sure you've grown up to be a wonderful man.)

Now...why is HE sitting on Santa's lap with my brother? Where the hell am I? Was I naughty that year? (Who, ME? Naughty? I didn't smash bananas on ANYBODY'S door that year!) Why didn't I get to see Santa?!? I was denied my right to see Santa!

And you know what? I remember that was the year that Brian got 'The Green Machine'!Anybody remember that one? A cousin of 'The Big Wheel'...the seat was really low, so that your legs went straight out in front of you to pedal, and you would steer it with these sticking up things on each side of you instead of a steering wheel. Oh, and it was totally green!

I have NO CLUE what I got that year. Probably nothing, because I didn't get to see Santa to let him know what I wanted. I always knew they loved Brian more than me. ;)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Scanning Pictures...

My mom in her wedding dress and my mom and dad on their wedding day, leaving in their car. I love these old pictures!

My mom sent me a bunch of pictures so I can "make something"! It's fun to see where they started and think about where they are now. They've gone from that to this: /639/1600/Lau
Isn't that baby cute???

To this:

Then on to this:

And all the way to this:

OK-so looking at those pictures, maybe it's more about me than them, but, I left out a good one...Christmas 1966...

The only problem I have with that one is, it was my first Christmas, and I'm not even in the picture! Where the hell was I? They probably bummed me off to some relative in another room! That's what I miss about not having a big extended family...nobody to bum my kids off on!

Mmmm! Smells good in here!

The kids and I made those Cinnamon/Applesauce ornaments this morning. I don't care how they turn out, because the house smells so good!

OK-now I'm supposed to be at Chik-Fil-A in half an hour, and I haven't even gotten into the shower yet. Guess we know where my priorities are!

What is it about the computer??? The internet??? I can't stay away! I think it's because I love to read so much, and about anything, and there is just an endless supply of reading material out there. You could never run out of things to read on the internet...and that keeps me sitting here for hours!

Now let's all chant: Lauri take a shower! Lauri take a shower! Lauri take a shower!

OK, ok! I'm going! Geez.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Is it Christmas yet?

It just took me about 7 hours to go to Wal-Mart and Hobby Lobby.

I guess I should add that I went to the Wal-Mart in Schertz, because it is brand new and TOTALLY AWESOME, but it's only about 20 minutes away, so the travel time doesn't really add too much to it.

And yikes! Mom, Dad and Brian will be here Friday morning! (Oh, and get this: Brian is flying from Houston to San Antonio Friday morning while Mom and Dad are driving...Mom and Dad will time their trip so that they can pick Brian up at the airport on their way into town! That just cracks me UP!!! Why doesn't he just ride with them???) Only leaves me 3 days to do everything I wanted to do. If I can just keep the kids from messing up what I do get done! *Ummm, yeah. Good luck with that, Lauri.*

It's only 7:00 pm, but I can hardly keep my eyes open. I think I'll go to bed and just start fresh tomorrow morning.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The BEST part of holiday shopping...

Ya know, there is nothing like fighting the crowds, finally getting what you need, standing in line for half an hour, only to get up to the register and discover you don't have your wallet in your backpack. So that means you get to GO BACK and do it all over again later!

Oh yeah. It doesn't get any better than that.

I'm going to bed.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Self-Portrait Tuesday

I took this picture in the car. It reflects me and, it also reflects everyone who is part of husband and 3 children. Kind of a 'Self-Portrait times 5'.

Monday, December 12, 2005

I know it's getting close to Christmas...

Because I didn't get to sit down all weekend! And as much laundry and cleaning as we did on Saturday, I don't think I will EVER catch up! When the children outnumber the adults-it's impossible!

Yesterday Allison and I went to San Marcos to The Paper Bear. It's this little shop of everything...candy, cards, toys, beads, t-shirts, house deco stuff, bath stuff, unique clothing and jewelry, artwork-including Frida Kahlo...and just about anything else you can think of! It was my absolute FAVORITE store when I was in college there. Actually, on the way home, Allison called my mom to ask her a question and mom asked her what we were doing. Allison told her she and I had gone to The Paper Bear, and mom said, "Oh, I remember that place! Everytime we balanced her checkbook about half the checks were from there!" lmao! And, geez! San Marcos has grown!!!

Anyway, Al and I went there and to a diner on the corner to eat, then stopped at the Wal-Mart in Schertz on the way home. That's a cool Wal-Mart! It's set up differently than any other one I've ever seen. We got some Christmas decorations-well, really, stuff for me to put together to decorate for Christmas. I'll take pictures if they turn out alright! Did some Christmas some stocking stuffer stuff, and Allison thought that was really cool that she could help me pick that stuff out. We had a really fun day!

Meanwhile, back at the Ranch...Steven took Ethan and Claire to the park, played outside and stuff. So they had a good day, also.

So now, I have to get to work. I'm going to have a full time job for the next two weeks getting all the stuff done that I want to get done! Wish me luck!

Friday, December 09, 2005

Travis' Collage

Here is a picture of the collage I just made for a friend...he threw a really nice dinner party last weekend, and I did this as a 'thank you'.  There are several things in there that are personal to him, that he probably won't even pick up on right away...very subtle.
Image hosted by

This is a detail of the collage...

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Self Portrait Tuesday

Reflections:  This is my reflection in the French Doors to my study.  I chose this surface because this room is's the only place in the house that is all about me and not influenced by anyone else.  It's where a large percentage of my time goes, when I'm not there, that is where I want to be, and, I'm sure when I'm not there, a part of my spirit is.
Image hosted by

Saw this quote the other day...

"Always spend more than your husband keeps him motivated."

Now THAT'S a good one!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Conversations with Claire

Claire: Mommy, here is something orange, and I can drink it.

(She pulls a 'Fanta' bottle out of the fridge.)

Me: (singing) Fanta Fanta
Dont'cha wanna
Fanta Fanta

Claire: (singing) Cup cup cup cup
Put it in my
Cup cup cup cup

*she has to be a genius to be that funny, that quick!

Monday, December 05, 2005


What a frustrating morning!!! Is it me or is it Blogger? It's gotta be Blogger. I know they are doing some updating stuff, but it was supposed to be from 9-11 pm tonight. I can't do anything today!

Sunday, December 04, 2005


We all know I didn't get all that stuff done! lol!

Allison actually put the lights up! Remember they only went on the black railing leading up to the front door and the cactus. I didn't make her climb up a 20 ft. ladder to string them across the roof!

I started making a thank you NOTE for the guy that threw the party Friday night and it grew into a canvas size "note"! rofl! He is an 'appreciator', I guess you could say, of 'different' art, so I think (hope!) he will like it! It's still not done though. And of course I had to run out and get some more stuff...stopped by Starbucks and did a lot of window shopping by was soooooooooo nice! But now I'm absolutely starving, so I'm gonna go eat!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

We got a tree!

It's officially the Christmas Season in our household now! We got a tree...artificial and PRE-LIT (yea!!!) and I cannot wait to put it up! I don't know why though. We've never put it up more than a few days before Christmas; sometimes even as late as Christmas Eve, just because we didn't have time. We even got a few lights for outside. (We haven't had lights outside because I quit doing them when Allison was 3 because Steven wasn't putting them up or taking them down and I just couldn't do it all anymore...I just remember that last year I did lights, I was in the middle of a miscarriage-my 3rd, and it was late so I was hemoragging like a sonofabitch-climbing and crawling all around the yard by myself thinking, "WTF???")

ANYWAY-sorry if I grossed anybody out...kinda went off on a tangent...BUT, we got a few lights for outside. I'm just going to put them on the black iron railing leading up to the front door. They are just the clear white ones. Then hang a wreath there on the rail where it faces the front. Then we (and when I say "we", I mean Allison and I) got some colored lights to put around the cactus! I really hope it turns out cute.

Of course I want to do all of this tomorrow, along with making a penguin bag that Allison will fill with candy to bring to school for an auction. The students can bid on things and buy them with their 'Bush Bucks' and apparently candy will bring in the money! I also want to try making paper beads with Allison tomorrow...we'll see how much I actually get done!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Quote of the day for Friday, Nov. 2, 2005

"Each has his past shut in him like the leaves of a book known to him by heart, and his friends can only read the title."-Virginia Woolf

So tonight is Steven's department big Christmas Party. Dropped $400 on a new outfit for this one...but, I didn't have to buy new shoes; I can wear the same ones from last time. Look at me getting all thrifty and everything!

The party is going to be at this guy's loft downtown-in the Art District. I thought we would just be having little finger foods and stuff, but apparently the guy is having it catered for a mere $2500! Hope the food is good! Anyway, I thought we should bring a bottle of wine. Easier said than done around here. In Houston we had Spec's...a really huge, great liquor store where you could get anything you wanted. At the liquor stores here, I couldn't do any better than an $8 bottle of Berringer! I could get that at Target for crying out loud! What's the point of a liquor store-other than having a place to get a bottle of Crown-if you're not going to stock good wine??? I ended up going to this wine bar and asked if they sold bottles of wine to go. They did, so I'm pretty sure I got a decent bottle.

Other than that little adventure all over town, that was my day. Well, I did go to the shrink. Did not get to work on any art at all! I have all this stuff I want to use, but just don't have time. I think once I can actually get started it'll be easier to keep going. And I'm noticing little things more than I can I found this great placemat at Target last's several different colors and designs of this silky type of material sewn together in strips. Very easy to take apart and use what I need! Also found a black chenille type placemat and one that is a vintage style...just the right amount of fabric for a few pieces! I just need to work!

Conversations with Ethan and Allison:
Ethan: I can speak Japanese.
Alli: No you can't!
Ethan: Yes I can!
Alli: OK, then say something in Japanese.
Ethan: Choing.

Well. There ya go!

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Thought for the day...

"The savage lives within himself, while social man lives constantly outside himself and only knows how to live in the opinion of others, so that he seems to receive the consciousness of his own existence merely from the judgement of others concerning him."--Jean Jacques Rousseau

I saw this on an art quilters blog, handmaiden (Gabrielle Swain)...and I believe it was a quote from her son. Anyway, I like it and wanted to put it here. Maybe give someone something to think about.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

I interupt this blog...

To say that DENNIS QUAID is about to be on the 'Ellen' show!

I gotta go!
*But be sure and scroll down and read about my major accomplishment today!

Oh. My. GOD!!!

I did it! I figured it out all by mylself! I got a VIDEO!!!Wooo-Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!

In the 'Song of Claire':

Who's good?
I'm good!
Who's good?
I'm good!
Oh yeah! I'm good!

And this song could go on for hours!

Monday, November 28, 2005

I'm working on it, I'm working on it!

Geez! Trying to upload all these pictures is a bitch. I'm up to 500 and something pictures now in my camera...I really need to transfer them all to a CD so I can delete everything and start over. Then, when I get just about finished, it says there was a disconnection between the camera and the computer or something, and I have to start all over again!

But, I did change the picture on my profile to my new tattoo, so you've all got something new to look at!

Now I have to go exchange the jacket I bought Friday for the Christmas party we are going to this Friday...I went conservative with all black, but all I can think about is the red and black one...the other one I had to choose from. And just when has it ever been me to go conservative anyway??? I used to wear leather pants and "that red dress" to the Exxon stuff just because is WASN'T conservative. So...I'm going with the red!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

So we just got back...

Just got back to San Antonio from Houston. It was like 70 something degrees there, but totally humid. It's 90 degrees here, but feels so much cooler! Gayla was right...Houston is Hell!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Now I know what people are talking about...

When they talk about how hot and miserable Houston is! I have DEFINITELY acclimated to San Antonio! It's really not hot right now...the temp is in the '70's I think, but the HUMIDITY!!! OMG! I cannot cool off! I have to keep taking cold baths.

People who aren't from Houston always come here and complain about it, and I guess I just thought they were wusses or something. It was always just normal for me. I'm not originally from Houston, and we lived in many different places when I was a kid, but we moved here in 1978 and, aside from living in Austin when I was in college, I haven't lived anywhere else. And, although it was nice in Austin and the humidity was low, I was never gone from Houston for this long...I would be home at least once a month. But I haven't been here since June, and it's totally kicking my ass! to spend most of the day yesterday with my friend, Gayla. Got to see her new house, had some Mexican food for lunch and went shopping for an outfit for me to wear to a party next weekend. Found a great one at Chico's! I love it! I love the jacket part the's black and I need to get some black jeans so I can wear it "everyday". (I'm gonna skip the eyeshadow this time, though! lol!) Met Karen at Starbucks this morning...3 hours later she had to go, but we still didn't get to talk about everything!

It's a nasty, rainy day there isn't much else going on. I just hope it stops raining by tomorrow when we drive back home. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Hmmm...I wonder if this will work?

Um, I don't think it will. But just so you know, I just found out that I am 50% girlish and 50% boyish. And that I reject traditional role models, and that I am just me...I don't try to be anybody else.

ANYONE who knows me at all could have told me that...I didn't need a quiz from Blog Things! lol!

OK-so I'm bored.


I forgot toothbrushes! And toothpaste, of course. It was horrible! We had to stop at Super Target and pick some up...and then of course I was forced to get a Chai at Starbucks. Terrible. Just terrible. (LOL!!!)

Oh, and Kim...I think the Hill's live outside of Dallas, don't they? Where Hank sells "Propane and Propane Accessories"? lol! Dallas is a 6 hour drive from San Antonio, and a 4 hour drive from Houston, so I don't think I'll be seeing them. Not that there aren't enough dumb asses around here! However...I could possibly run into George and Barbara Bush, or maybe some of the Spurs (ya know...Tim, Manu, Tony...). If so, I'll be sure to tell them 'Hi' from you, and that you really wanted to be here yourself, but you opted for the beach instead! rofl!!!

My day today...

Vacuum. Ask kids to help. Clean. Remind kids to help. Get suitcase out of attic. Pack. Unpack what kids packed and pack for real. Clean bathrooms. Run screaming from Ethan's bathroomand tell him to clean his own! Pack some more. Change kitty litter. Give key to neighbor so she can feed kitties. Remind Ethan to clean his bathroom. Clean again. Finish laundry so I can finish packing. Get one more suitcase out of attic because I never do pack lightly. Try packing some more. Walk back into main parts of house: gameroom and den, and yell at kids for messing it all up again and have nervous breakdown and call off trip for good. Realize I cannot deny my kids theirNana, and get it together. Throw it all in the car and leave the house a total wreck. About halfway to Houston, realize what I forgot...and it's NEVER a kid!

(I posted this under 'Random Thoughts' on Hayley's Blog and realized it was so good AND TRUE that I just had to post it over here, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE, if I can't get back online for a few days! Be safe!

Love you all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The kids are home all week!

Remember the 'Good ol Days', when we had to go to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving? Well, that doesn't happen anymore! Kids are out of school aaalllllllllllllllllllll week now. And for a mom who is just on the brink of sanity, that's coming dangerously close to pushing me over the edge!

Actually, things haven't been all that bad though. Yesterday, Ethan had an appointment with his psychiatrist, and after that we went to see 'Chicken Little'. Very cute, but, it had aliens in it...not at all like the 'Chicken Little' we had back in the good 'ol days!

Today we met several friends and their kids at Mama's Cafe for breakfast...they have an outdoor playarea for kids with a giant sandbox, so they all had a great time, and the weather was perfect! Could not have been better! Went to Hobby Lobby after that and got some art supplies! So, I've been working on a thing the rest of the afternoon.

I want to join a Mixed Media Artists group, but I have to submit samples of my work. The funny thing is, I never knew this stuff I've been doing was considered actual art, and I always throw it away! lol! And, what I had kept, I actually threw away in the move. So...working on my "portfolio", so to speak. It's fun but now there is this pressure to it that wasn't there before, and I'm all worried about placement and stuff like that. Before I would just slap some stuff together however I felt like, which is really the way it should be because it's all about self-expression, right? But now that someone is going to be looking at it and judging's just different.

Plus, I think before, I would just do a little piece of the whole...I would have this idea of a whole piece that would be cool but then just do little parts of it, not really knowing how to put it all together. It's always the 'finishing' that gets me! lol! Nope! No ADD there!

So anyway...the kids are out of school all week. But I only have to survive one more day alone with them!

Sunday, November 20, 2005

The Party of the Year!

Does Valero know how to throw a party or what?!? Oh my gosh! I have never been to anything like that before! It was in the Alamodome, but you never would have thought you were on the floor of a sports facility. They had completely turned it into a ballroom! There is just no way I could describe this whole thing...the lights; the 4 foot tall bubbling, sparkling centerpieces; the roses and rose petals; the cigars (real and chocolate!); the FOOD, omg and the desserts; the special label champagne and champagne glasses for each couple; the toast and striking up of the band and the confetti exploding and floating down like snow from the ceiling! And of course, that was all AFTER the party outside before we went in to the dinner! Outside the Alamodome, they had black, silver and white balloons all the way up the stair railings, then these big, white hot air balloons floating all around like moons; spotlights that we saw from halfway across town as we were driving down 281; the ice sculptures; the bars every 30 or 40 feet apart and the tables of shrimp, cheeses and other hors douvers (sp?) - not to mention all the waiters and waitresses walking around with trays of drinks and food...Valero Blue Margaritas! Oh my gosh! The whole night was like a wonderland!

I took this picture of Steven and I in the car right as we were backing out of the driveway, on our way there. Aside from the goofy grin, you will notice "the eyeshadow". I know it's not great...not even good...because, aside from a couple of Halloween's and my wedding day (when someone else did it for me) I haven't worn eye shadow since I was a freshman in high school! I don't know what possessed me to go out and buy some for last night, but I did. I think I'll just pass it on to Allison! But, I absolutely love this picture of Steven! He's still so cute! I had to leave the camera in the car though, because it wouldn't fit in my purse...if only I had a camera phone! Aw, who am I kidding? My phone didn't even fit in my purse! lol!

As a last note, I must give a ringing product endorsement for the Revlon Colorstay Lipstick I wore. It really, truly stayed on all night long! I never had to reapply, and it still looked good this morning when I got up, because I passed out in bed without washing my face last night. (What with all the blue margaritas, wine and champagne and all! rofl!)

Cheers for 25 years, Valero Energy!

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Yesterday wasn't the greatest day...

I don't know why. Really. Everything was normal. Well, yes I do...I'm just frustrated. I guess I have finally come to the realization that I will never be able to go back to work, yet I still feel the need to do something that is all about me...not wife, not mother, blah, blah, blah...just Lauri. Lauri Smith. She's smart, she's capable, she can make a difference. She used to make a difference. She used to teach-young children in Montessori school, so she actually had some impact on their lives. Then she was a social worker...actually was the Director of a shelter for abused women and their children. Also did Community Education on that topic...went out and talked to groups of all kinds. Even took place in many very memorable one in front of the Houston City Hall. It even made the news, and the clip that they used was of ME speaking! (It was a rather dramatic demonstration.) I've also taken part in deomonstrations for other social issues that I strongly believe in.

I also always wanted to stay home with my children, especially when they were young. So, I worked up until the day Allison was born...actually was planning on going to work that morning, but woke up in labor at 5 am! Haven't been back since. I've tried doing volunteer stuff, but that never works out either. Apparently, volunteers are never needed in the evenings or on weekends. Only 9-5, Monday-Friday...times I don't have childcare for one or more kids.

But, I always thought I would be able to go back to work eventually. And not just for me, but for my family, too. It is very hard to support a family of 5 on one income. Steven has a good income, and it keeps us going day to day, but that's not saving for the future...retirement, college for the kids, stuff like that...and I would like to be able to help with that.

However, I have come to the realization that my going back to work will probably never happen. Having a child like Ethan, a child with mental illness (or any child) who requires doctor's appointments WEEKLY, not to mention all the teacher conferences, speech therapist conferences, school psychologist conferences, 504 meetings, ARD reviews, being there to be able to give him his medications at the right time, being there to try to somehow help and manage his meltdowns and reactions to changes (though I never really do seem to be able to help) AND whatever else happens to come along with a child diagnosed with Severe ADHD, Anxiety Disorder and Bipolar Disorder, tends to cut into a work schedule big time. I have thought about having my own business as a consultant to other parents of children who don't quite fit into the public school system and need help to get the services the school system SHOULD be providing but try as hard as they can to AVOID providing, but, they would probably want to see some kind of credentials and I don't think a BA in Psychology and Child Development would be what they were looking for; even though I have been advocating for my own child through the school system for 3 years and have pretty much learned how to get what I want/Ethan needs. Hell, the ARD review team in Kingwood (before we moved here) told me I need to go back and get my MA in Education and be a school counselor. But...I would rather help the children get what they need rather than help the school decide who should get what and how much. Just a funny my last meeting with Ethan's Speech Therapist, I got her to talk herself into calling in the School Psychologist for extra testing! lol! point at the beginning was that I need an outlet for myself and my creativity. That was the point of getting "The Machine". And I thought since it was something I could do at home, I would get to do it a lot. Ha! Silly me! And it just isn't working out the way I thought it would. And when Ethan came home yesterday afternoon and punched Allison and Claire in their noses, and Claire's nose was actually bleeding, that was about all I could take.

Every once in a while it all just comes crumbling down.

So, when Steven got home, I just hunkered down on the couch...passed out about 6:30. The next thing I know it's 10:15, and Steven is waking me up and telling me to go get into bed...he has it all ready. It is so hard to be Ethan's parent, and I could never do it without Steven. Yesterday (and many, many times before) he came home to a family who was completely broken down, and was somehow able to pull it all back together. People always tell me how lucky I am to have married someone like him but I tell them that I wouldn't have settled for anything less. Why would someone settle for anyone who wouldn't be willing to come home and scoop you up and make you feel safe and loved?

Wow! For someone who sat down to blog but wasn't sure what to blog about, I sure did come up with something! I could take any one of these subjects here and do a whole other blog about it separately.

I hope anyone who reads this can follow my train of thought!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Because that last post screwed up the picture of my shoes...

And they definitely deserve to be they are again!

How cool are these shoes?

They are the coolest, I tell ya! They are comfortable and I love them. Not to mention that they were originally $50, and I got them on sale for $19.99! They are black...I wanted the brown ones, too, but they didn't have my size. :( But...knowing my obsessiveness about shoes...that isn't going to stop me! lol!

So...moving on...I went to my weekly Super Duper Extra Super Deluxe sewing class last night and OH MY GOD! This machine is so much more than I ever thought it could be! I can hem jeans! I always that took some kind of industrial engined sewing machine. I learned how to do so much! I can do a blind hem, a rolled hem, which is really beautiful, by the way, AND I can JOIN BATTING TOGETHER to make a bigger quilt! (I have always had to limit the size of my quilt to the size of my batting.) I was so excited when I got home, and Steven was like,"Why are you so excited about that?". "Because I didn't know my machine could do that. I just thought it had cute decorative stitches."

And speaking of the machine, I started trying to make this purse yesterday, but while I was trying to figure out the layout and cutting of the pattern, Claire kept turning me back and forth from a 'Good Witch' to a 'Bad Witch' and I got all confused and totally screwed it up. So, I'm trying to salvage that fabric and make something more like a tote bag, because it's just too cute to's Christmas fabric, full of Santa faces, and every so often, it has a Mrs. Clause. Really cute! I'll let y'all how that comes out. Hmmmmmm...I wonder...

Well, it didn't work. I was hoping I could add that picture of the quilt square down here, but it put it at the top. And now I can't get it off. Just wanted you to see what else I was working on....

Look...if anybody has ANY tips about blogging...adding things, deleting things, WHATEVER...feel free to advise. But nicely, please!;)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Can we talk???

So, I'm on my second cup of coffee and feeling chatty, wondering about a lot of things.

First on my mind is Tyra Banks. Beautiful girl, I'll agree. But, what in the hell qualifies her for her own TV/talk show??? I'm not a big fan of daytime TV, which I guess is good because the kids are usually in charge of that, so it's always on Nick or Disney or PBS. (And yes, necessarily in that order! I'm a bad mom-I don't force PBS on them, nor will I pretend I do.) I will admit an addiction to Law & Order though, which I occasionally get to watch on TNT in the early afternoons if Claire agrees to "Quiet Time". (pppfffft!) But somehow, today, I got control of the TV in the den! I really don't know how this happened, but I decided to actually sit down with a cup of coffee on the couch and turned on the news, and Claire is playing upstairs and I'm still here! is where Tyra comes in. Good Morning America is over and The Tyra Banks show comes on. WTH?!? Within the first 15 minutes I have heard her say "Bling-Bling" about 26 times. The second portion of her show involved "Hook-Ups"...she "hooked-up" a teenage girl with kidney problems (not sure if she had a transplant or still needs one) with some Godiva Chocolate and a little sail on a yacht that Jennifer Love Hewitt "once slept on!!!". Yee-fuckin-haw! Why don't you pay the girl's medical bills or give her a kidney or something that I'm sure she needs much more than some chocolate and a ride on a boat JLH once slept on? Pretty much, the rest of the show are the guests praising Tyra and telling her how great she is. This is about the MOST self-serving show I have ever seen. Changing channel now.

Now...about the hair. I'm sure Steven had his own private heart attack, but, he really couldn't say anything because the only reason I did all that is because we have to go to a big, formal Valero dinner/party thing Saturday night. I had to go out and by a new outfit because I certainly don't have anything formal laying around...I haven't even worked in over 11 years (although that BA in Psychology and Child Development is being put to good use!) so I don't even have anything that resembles nice work clothes! lol! I wear nothing but jeans and shorts. And, although I can put things with jeans that make them look rather dressy, no way would that work this weekend! I also went and got my nails done last night, too. I used to be able to opt out of these things but, now that Steven is a manager, it would be "career limiting" if I'm not standing there by his side. Yippy. I am now what I have always feared the most. I'm a 'Corporate Wife'. No more showing up to just regular employee dinners in leather pants! (And when Steven worked for Exxon, THE most conservative company in the world, THAT was fun, let me tell you!!!) I knew all the earrings and tattoos would catch up with me one day! lol! And, BTW, these nails are NOT helping my typing AT ALL!

Ya know, now that I'm thinking about it, instead of hanging my diploma in my study, I need to hang it right by the front door, because this whole house really is my office and research lab! lol!

Well, I'm sure I could just go on all day, but seriously, these nails are a pain in the @$$. I'm gonna have to learn how to type all over again! Plus, Law & Order will be on in a couple of hours...I should do something around here for me to justify lying around watching that later. lol! Have a great day, everyone!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Can I just vent for a minute???

This is 'The Machine'...the Bernina Super Duper Extra Super Deluxe sewing machine that I just got a couple of weeks ago. Every day I have plans to sit down and sew...I have LOTS of projects in mind for the upcoming holidays...BUT something else ALWAYS comes up! This particular morning it's Allison. The phone rings...and when it rings this early, it's never good...and she has forgotten her art homework AND her math homework, AND, MUCH MORE IMPORTANTLY, HER PURSE! OMG! How is a 6th grade girl to live??? "Mom! You have to bring it to me!" Me: "Well, when do you need your homework by?" Al: "Well, I don't need my math until 3rd period, and my art until 7th period. But I NEED my purse!" long as your priorities are in order.

But jeez! I just want to do the things I need to do...and I don't ask for much, really. (Pppffffffftttttttt! OK-you can stop laughing now!) But later Ethan has his psych appointment, and blah, blah, blah...not much time for sewing.

Well, while I'm out, I think I may as well use that time to go to the Super Duper Sewing and Quilt Store and get some needles that will work with metallic thread.

Whew! I'm feeling a little better getting that out. But, I CAN stay home tomorrow, right??? Tell me I can. Please? Are there other mom's out there who are always having to run and run and run, and it's always at the very last minute, or is it just me???

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

It was a hard day!

For Claire, anyway! Now that I think about it, I'm worn out too. I went and got my hair cut, colored and highlighted...of course, I get it cut often enough, but I have only ever gotten the highlight job once, and that was 7 or 8 years ago...not sure if it was before or after Ethan was born.

Anyway, had to drop Claire off at Kid Space. She did NOT want to go today! Oh well, she certainly couldn't go with me! It took like 3 hours and $200 to get my hair done, and it really doesn't look that much different! Not $200 different, for sure! Steven is gonna have a heart attack...I told him it would probably be about $120.

I had to rush to get Claire picked up and home before Ethan got off the bus, and she fell asleep in the car. I had the camera, so I took a picture. I think she had fun at Kid Space after all.

And I cannot believe I just spent $200 on my HAIR!!!

Monday, November 14, 2005

Lookee What I Did!

Allison and I saw little bags like these at Target the other day, but they were for Christmas. (Like gifts for teachers, filled with cookies.) She wanted to have some for her teachers with penguins on them, because they are the Team 6B Penguins. So I made a prototype. I decided to make a Thanksgiving one with a turkey made from Claire's handprint. I think it came out pretty cute if I do say so myself! I'm also working on a purse for a Secret Santa exchange...I'll post a picture of that when I'm done.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Pardon My Mess...Under Construction

I'm trying to figure out this whole blog thing...posting pictures, links, and other stuff. I'm not very good at this, so I just play with it for a while, say "Abracadabra!", and hope it works. Usually it doesn't.

I think I may have the picture thing down, kinda. That works most of the time now. However, I'm having trouble posting 'Links'. I'm trying to post one to Haley's blog, but that isn't working for some reason. And I don't necessarily support 'Google News', it's just one of those links that magically appeared! I would like to post other links too, eventually. As soon as I can figure it out. Just bear with me.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


Another fellow Blogger

Hayley, put a link on her blog to mine! This is the first time this has ever happened to me and all I can do is listen to Madonna's 'Like a Virgin' in my head, over and over again! I feel like a total celebrity!

I'm also trying to post a link to her blog from this post right here...I don't know if this is gonna work, or how, but, if you can, hop on over there and check her out...and her absolutely brand new perfectly wonderful little baby, Isabella.

If this actually works, it'll be like the perfect day for me...a new accomplishment in the magic of the internet world AND new shoes! It really doesn't get any better than that!

Thanks Hayley, and take it easy!

Friday, November 11, 2005

Me and Mom

This is a picture I took of a picture I have of me and my mom. This was taken on Valentine's Day, 1967, and I was 6 months old.

My mom was/is seriously beautiful! Just look at those perfectly straight, white teeth! She's about 5'6" tall, and in that picture, probably 105 to 110 lbs. And long, skinny legs! She should have been a model!

I was adopted, so I didn't inherit all of those great features, and because she never had a baby, she still, to this day, has a flat tummy!!! What I find so funny is how everybody always says we look alike...and we totally don't! I'm much shorter (and rounder!) and very fair skin. She is tall and skinny and very dark/olive toned skinned. Cajun. That's what she is! I think they are just being polite when they say things like that, or trying to make conversation, but really...come on people! Come up with something else! Some people think maybe it's our personalities, but that's not it, either.

Anyway, she's a great mom and a great Nana, I love her very much and just wanted this picture out there. It's one of my favorites!

THE Machine!

So last week, I got this new sewing machine. The Bernina Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe. I think Bernina technically calls it the 440QE, but that in no way describes it's excellence! (Thank you again, Steven, for getting me this Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe Sewing Machine!)

This thing is so super, there are 6, yes, 6, New Owner's classes to take, where they teach you all about it and how to use all the features. I didn't even get ONE class when I got this computer! (And it was my first!) It was sink or swim. I had to figure it out all on my own!

So last night was the first class. This was the one where they teach you how to thread it, wind a bobbin, sew a straight stitch, and basic stuff like that. I'm thinking, if you cannot sew a straight stitch, what the fuck are you doing spending that much money on the Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe??? (Thank you, Steven! I love you!)

But, I did learn a couple of new things, like it has this handle thingy that comes down under the table from the machine, and you use your knee to press it over, and it lifts the presser foot up just enough for you to turn your fabric like a 90 degree angle or whatever, after you've programmed in that you want the needle to stop in the down position all the time, so if you are sewing and have to turn a lot of a quilt...your hands never have to leave the fabric, and your material doesn't get all screwed up, then you have to readjust it and all that shit.'s totally cool! (Steven, you are so sweet! Thank you!) And I love to make quilts! Choosing the colors and pattern is the best part, then I love just putting the tops big puzzles. I have always handquilted before though, because I thought machine quilting would take away something special, but with this machine, I can machine quilt it and make it look more special than if I had hand quilted it! (It also does embroidery, but that's another class! lol! It has something to do with getting these embroidery CDs, then hooking your laptop up to it and, voila! lol!)

I really do love to make quilts, but have never had any real luck with machines. They were always fairly cheap, and it was more frustrating to try and use them than it was to stifle by instinct to create, so I just never really did much. But this machine is like a dream! (Steven, you are my favorite husband!) Now, if the kids will just leave me alone....

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The time has come...

Last summer, Allison started asking about when she can shave her legs. And I do mean legs only, because I can't even fine one little armpit hair, even with a microscope. She was about to enter middle school, so I told her if everybody in 6th grade is shaving, you can to, but let's wait and see.

Well, of course, EVERYONE ELSE shaves, and my little Allison is the only one left with hairy legs. So, I went out and got her an electric shaver. (I was worried about her using a blade.)

It actually sat around for a few days before she decided to use it. But when she did, I decided that THIS was a moment that needed documenting! I would sneak up on her and take a picture! When she caught me, she turned around and yelled, mortified, "Mom! What are you doing?!?". Of course I responded, "I can totally Blog this, Al!"!

I think it's really true . . . the best part about having children is embarrassing them!
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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

I love getting surprises in the mail!

This is why I love eBay so much! You buy stuff, then forget about it, then you get a surprise in the mail when you least expect it!

I just got my Starbucks coaster for my desk, to use while I'm drinking coffee in my Starbucks mug. Too cool! And it came all the way from China, so it really took a long time to get here!

I don't think I've ever gotten mail from China before. Hmmm...reminds me of when Ethan said (a few months ago), "Good thing I wasn't born in China, because I can't even speak Chinese!" rofl!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Ah ha! Maybe this'll work!

I'm an aunt! Brian and Kenny finally decided to put their paternal instincts to use, and got a puppy-Groban!
I think Aunti Lauri will be doing lots of Christmas shopping at Petsmart this year! Posted by Picasa

This can't be possible, can it?

A whole week with nothing to do? Nothing on the calendar? I've gotta be missing something.... OK, I know Ethan has an appointment with Dr. B one day this week (I think Thursday). But that's all? Seriously. I have to be missing something!

Saturday, November 05, 2005

A nice Saturday...

Started off with some coffee and Krispy Kreme donuts, so you know it was gonna be good! Allison had an all day birthday party, so I dropped her off and went to Sherwin Williams, with whom I had placed a wallpaper order back in September, and have yet to receive it. Of course, it was only supposed to take about 3 days to get in. Yeah. Right. So I went and got my deposit back.

SW Idiot Dude: What? You don't want it anymore?
Me: Uh, no. It should have been in 2 months ago. I'm pretty sure someone here can't do their job and didn't order it. I just want my $25 deposit back.

Then we went to Wal-Mart. My friend Gayla always talks about the toothless people there, but I've only ever seen one. But today, OMG! There was a 'greeter' handing out markers to the kids, and she only had like one big tooth in front, and these HUMONGOUS EARLOBES that almost touched her shoulders! She was talking to me, and when I looked up at her, I was actually startled! Poor lady...I hope I didn't look like I felt but, knowing my face, it was all over the place.

Then I got to go BY MYSELF to Michael's! Which is always dangerous. My creative streak is coming back in a big way, and I'm spending way too much money on stuff to make other stuff with. Not to mention the $3500 Bernina Sewing Machine I just bought! But I absolutely love it! As long as it works, I'll never need another one.

Ya know, now that I'm thinking about it, I think it was such a good day because the kids were pretty much in the care of Steven today!

And there is something wrong with my damn digital camera! It was have some problem, and even though the batteries were fairly new, I put new ones in. It worked for a little bit, now...nothing. Son of a bitch.

I think I'll end this day with a nice hot bath and a glass of wine!

Friday, November 04, 2005

I didn't want to post again until...

Things settle down here but, I don't think that is ever going to happen. It's been a rough week...Remy died very suddenly and the kids were very upset. Especially Allison. Allison was Remy's person. She would stay up on her bed all day, and sleep with her at night. Really, I didn't want to post again until I could give Remy a proper blog, complete with pictures. Hopefully I can take care of that this weekend. The vet just called, and Remy's ashes are ready to be picked up, so I guess I will do that today. I don't want to leave them there all weekend, but I have to work it in between Ethan's ARD, Claire's tantrums, going to the grocery store and getting a birthday gift for Allison's friend who's party is tomorrow morning.

All you people who are thinking about having kids...just realize that it never stops!

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Our first COLD Halloween!

Ooo-wee it gets cold here up north on Halloween! OK- I know SA is actually west of Houston and not north, but it seems like it's north because the humidity is so low.

Yesterday afternoon it started raining and the wind started blowing. When Ethan got home from school about 3:30 it was still hot outside. When Allison got home 30 minutes later, it was freezing! But...that's Texas weather for ya!

We got started with the trick-or-treating about 6:15. After 4 houses, Ethan and Claire wanted to go home! Poor things! But it was cold and very windy. Of course, Allison went on for another hour and a half! lol! We had fun. Got to meet a few new neighbors, but not as many as I had hoped. (Since we are in a brand new subdivision, everyone is new.) Several of them had all their cars in the driveway, but all their lights turned off inside and outside the house. I guess you'll always have your anti-social neighbors, but our little neighborhood is so small, there is no reason we shouldn't all know everyone.

Anyway...we got plenty of candy to go around and have TONS left over! Hope everyone had such a great Halloween!

Monday, October 31, 2005

Halloween Party Oct. 30, 2005

Image hosted by

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What started as a little Halloween Party between a few friends, somehow grew to about 50 people!  It was a blast, though!  Lots of food, all kinds of stuff for the kids to do, met some new friends...what more could you ask for in a party???

Allison won First Place in the Best Girls Costume category!  She is beautiful, if I do say so myself!  Steven said that was the scariest Halloween costume he has ever seen, and I know exactly what he means.  Yikes!

Ethan is an Ice Ninja and Claire is a Devil...perfect for both of them!

Now we get to do it all over again tonight!  But this time, maybe we'll get to meet some new neighbors!

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Saturday, October 29, 2005

13th Anniversary

on the
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I don't think I've sat down all week.

These past two weeks have been the busiest ever, and I don't really know why. Mostly doctor and dentist appointments, I guess. Plus, Ethan's birthday was Thursday (Oct. 27). We only did a family thing, but it seems like just ordering a cake is too much stress sometimes! Today, Allison and I are getting some stuff ready for a Halloween party we are going to tomorrow. We are bringing 'the craft'...the kids are going to make ghosts out of paper plates, a black or orange construction paper hat, and crepe paper. They are really cute, but we have to get everything cut up and ready for the kids to just glue it all together.

Also, I'm finally an Aunt! lol! Brian and Kenny got a puppy-Groban-who is such a cute little ball of puff I cannot wait to see him! I spent a lot of time earlier trying to post a picture, but it wouldn't work, for some reason. I don't know why I can do things once, then for some reason can never figure it out again.

OMG! Can't believe I didn't blog this last night...probably too worn out. I actually had a demon child at my house...and I actually felt sorry for Ethan! Ethan is usually the one who is causing the problems and stuff, but this kid was something else! Of course his mother thinks he's an angel..."That's just who he is and I wouldn't change him for the world!" NEVER AGAIN!

And . . . Allison had her very first party/dance last night! It was a Halloween/Masquerade party at her friend's church, so I wasn't too worried. But my baby is growning up! And OMG she is so beautiful! I can't believe I made her!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

This is fun!

I love this site! And this is what I feel like a lot of days!
Go ahead . . . make your own Picasso Head!

I so feel for this lady...

This mother of 3 threw all three kids off a bridge into the San Francisco Bay. I am truly hoping this doesn't go the way of Andrea Yates, and that people will realize just how hard it is to be a mother in this day and age. We have come to be a very selfish society, and no one is really willing to help anyone out when they need it. Especially overwhelmed and depressed mothers! As a mom, you have to put on that smiling, happy face and pretend nothing is wrong, or else others will see you as a horrible person who doesn't love her children...these are the people who won't lend a helping hand in the midst of crisis, but are the first to call the police or Children's Services or whatever you want to call them, and file a report to have your children taken away. Sometimes we need a few hours away, sometimes we just need a conversation with someone who truly understands how overwhelming it can be, and sometimes we just need someone to help us catch up on cleaning. Far too many of us are left out in the cold, on our own, and sometimes, the only the only thing we can see is a way out. But then people just think you are being overly dramatic. Depression is serious, and it's REAL. And it is time for everyone to understand just how real and serious it is!

Please give this woman, and all mothers (single, married, whatever) the support they need, without being critical and judgemental!

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Blast from the past!

OMG! I just talked to Mel! What a treat!

Trying to update everything that has happened over the last 5 years or so is hard to do in a rushed 5 minute phone call, but it was great! At least now I know where she is and we can do a better job of keeping in contact.

Christian is married and they are trying to have a baby(OMG! Christian with a baby!), Kathleen is getting married next month (OMG again!) and Annalee is doing great in school and life as she always has. Mel and Keven have done such a great job with them! Mel is one of those moms I want to be when I grow up.

Just what I needed today!


Annie is our new kitten. No pictures of her yet, though. But after Mollie died Friday, we had to find something, anything! The kids were so absolutely, heartbreakingly sad!

We found Annie at the SPCA here in San Antonio. She actually looks like she could be Remy's kitten! She looks like a little Halloween cat.

I still don't know if we did the right thing just running out like that and finding another one. I still miss Mollie.

2 1/2 hours of hell.

3 kids and 1 very loud, noisey, crowded dentist's office! I really do like the dentist, though. But it fried my brain for the rest of the day.

So that was yesterday.

Today Ethan has an appointment with Dr. Barber. The only problem with that is I have to entertain Claire for an hour. Maybe we can go to Wal-Mart and find some cheap new toy or something...or even something expensive! Anything to entertain her for an hour!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Claire and I went to get the kitten...

And she had died overnight. Claire is one sad little girl, and now I have to tell Ethan and Allison when they get home. My stomach is in knots!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

I did it!

Well, I figured out how to post pictures...just can't figure out how to post them within a blog about that picture.

Hmmm, let me try this... OMG it worked!!! Ya-hoooo!

Anyway, this is Claire. I took this in our old house, in her old bed, before we moved. She's not usually this serene!

The two pictures below this post: One is of Allison, Ethan and Claire that was taken last November for our Christmas cards. The other one is of Mollie, our new kitten that we adopted from Schertz Animal Services. We will pick her up on Friday. Remy is probably going to just ignore her, but I'm hoping Frida will be her Mommy...I think she will make a very good one!

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