Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The kids are home all week!

Remember the 'Good ol Days', when we had to go to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday the week of Thanksgiving? Well, that doesn't happen anymore! Kids are out of school aaalllllllllllllllllllll week now. And for a mom who is just on the brink of sanity, that's coming dangerously close to pushing me over the edge!

Actually, things haven't been all that bad though. Yesterday, Ethan had an appointment with his psychiatrist, and after that we went to see 'Chicken Little'. Very cute, but, it had aliens in it...not at all like the 'Chicken Little' we had back in the good 'ol days!

Today we met several friends and their kids at Mama's Cafe for breakfast...they have an outdoor playarea for kids with a giant sandbox, so they all had a great time, and the weather was perfect! Could not have been better! Went to Hobby Lobby after that and got some art supplies! So, I've been working on a thing the rest of the afternoon.

I want to join a Mixed Media Artists group, but I have to submit samples of my work. The funny thing is, I never knew this stuff I've been doing was considered actual art, and I always throw it away! lol! And, what I had kept, I actually threw away in the move. So...working on my "portfolio", so to speak. It's fun but now there is this pressure to it that wasn't there before, and I'm all worried about placement and stuff like that. Before I would just slap some stuff together however I felt like, which is really the way it should be because it's all about self-expression, right? But now that someone is going to be looking at it and judging it...it's just different.

Plus, I think before, I would just do a little piece of the whole...I would have this idea of a whole piece that would be cool but then just do little parts of it, not really knowing how to put it all together. It's always the 'finishing' that gets me! lol! Nope! No ADD there!

So anyway...the kids are out of school all week. But I only have to survive one more day alone with them!

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Hayley said...

Hope you don't lose your sanity!! Everything will be JUST fine!! ;o)
And you said only 1 day left and the enforcement team will be complete!

You guys have a most wonderful Holiday!!