Friday, November 18, 2005

How cool are these shoes?

They are the coolest, I tell ya! They are comfortable and I love them. Not to mention that they were originally $50, and I got them on sale for $19.99! They are black...I wanted the brown ones, too, but they didn't have my size. :( But...knowing my obsessiveness about shoes...that isn't going to stop me! lol!

So...moving on...I went to my weekly Super Duper Extra Super Deluxe sewing class last night and OH MY GOD! This machine is so much more than I ever thought it could be! I can hem jeans! I always that took some kind of industrial engined sewing machine. I learned how to do so much! I can do a blind hem, a rolled hem, which is really beautiful, by the way, AND I can JOIN BATTING TOGETHER to make a bigger quilt! (I have always had to limit the size of my quilt to the size of my batting.) I was so excited when I got home, and Steven was like,"Why are you so excited about that?". "Because I didn't know my machine could do that. I just thought it had cute decorative stitches."

And speaking of the machine, I started trying to make this purse yesterday, but while I was trying to figure out the layout and cutting of the pattern, Claire kept turning me back and forth from a 'Good Witch' to a 'Bad Witch' and I got all confused and totally screwed it up. So, I'm trying to salvage that fabric and make something more like a tote bag, because it's just too cute to's Christmas fabric, full of Santa faces, and every so often, it has a Mrs. Clause. Really cute! I'll let y'all how that comes out. Hmmmmmm...I wonder...

Well, it didn't work. I was hoping I could add that picture of the quilt square down here, but it put it at the top. And now I can't get it off. Just wanted you to see what else I was working on....

Look...if anybody has ANY tips about blogging...adding things, deleting things, WHATEVER...feel free to advise. But nicely, please!;)

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Hayley said...

OMG...."Good Witch, Bad Witch"...that's too funny! But how can you get mad at that cute face???

I know!! I hear that all of the time about my son. And the answer is: VERY EASILY!!! ;O)

Glad you're having so much fun with the new machine. Sounds like you'll be able to make lots of cool things!! I love to do crafts and stuff. Maybe someday I'll venture on over to the "World of Sewing"!