Saturday, November 26, 2005

Now I know what people are talking about...

When they talk about how hot and miserable Houston is! I have DEFINITELY acclimated to San Antonio! It's really not hot right now...the temp is in the '70's I think, but the HUMIDITY!!! OMG! I cannot cool off! I have to keep taking cold baths.

People who aren't from Houston always come here and complain about it, and I guess I just thought they were wusses or something. It was always just normal for me. I'm not originally from Houston, and we lived in many different places when I was a kid, but we moved here in 1978 and, aside from living in Austin when I was in college, I haven't lived anywhere else. And, although it was nice in Austin and the humidity was low, I was never gone from Houston for this long...I would be home at least once a month. But I haven't been here since June, and it's totally kicking my ass! to spend most of the day yesterday with my friend, Gayla. Got to see her new house, had some Mexican food for lunch and went shopping for an outfit for me to wear to a party next weekend. Found a great one at Chico's! I love it! I love the jacket part the's black and I need to get some black jeans so I can wear it "everyday". (I'm gonna skip the eyeshadow this time, though! lol!) Met Karen at Starbucks this morning...3 hours later she had to go, but we still didn't get to talk about everything!

It's a nasty, rainy day there isn't much else going on. I just hope it stops raining by tomorrow when we drive back home. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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