Wednesday, November 23, 2005

My day today...

Vacuum. Ask kids to help. Clean. Remind kids to help. Get suitcase out of attic. Pack. Unpack what kids packed and pack for real. Clean bathrooms. Run screaming from Ethan's bathroomand tell him to clean his own! Pack some more. Change kitty litter. Give key to neighbor so she can feed kitties. Remind Ethan to clean his bathroom. Clean again. Finish laundry so I can finish packing. Get one more suitcase out of attic because I never do pack lightly. Try packing some more. Walk back into main parts of house: gameroom and den, and yell at kids for messing it all up again and have nervous breakdown and call off trip for good. Realize I cannot deny my kids theirNana, and get it together. Throw it all in the car and leave the house a total wreck. About halfway to Houston, realize what I forgot...and it's NEVER a kid!

(I posted this under 'Random Thoughts' on Hayley's Blog and realized it was so good AND TRUE that I just had to post it over here, too!)

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE, if I can't get back online for a few days! Be safe!

Love you all!


Hayley said...

AWESOME, LAURI!!!! I was laughing so hard when I read this on my blog!! You were the 1st to point out how much you & I are alike...and now I'm starting to see the similarities, too. You and I (or I'm assuming you are based on what you said) are NEAT FREAKS!! I can't STAND to leave the house in a mess...because the ENTIRE TIME I'm away...I think about it!! I have to come home to a SPARKLING CLEAN house! So that when I/We come back...NOTHING TO DO!!! I'd rather bust my hump before hand getting it done, rather than doing it when we return.

And Eli is ALWAYS famous for ripping his room apart JUST after I've cleaned it. OH MY GOD!! It drives me CRAZY!! And why is it that it takes me 30 minutes to straighten the room...and only 2 minutes for him to kill it???


Lots of love from our family to yours,

Hayley, Kim, Elijah, & Isabella

LoriLaurieLauri said...

YES! Everything has to be perfect and in it's place BEFORE we leave! Because, just like you said, I DO NOT want to come home to a messy house...I want to be able to walk in the door and sit on my ass and not worry about anything! lol! This isn't just for trips also applies to times when I'm only going to Super Target, which is my very favorite store in the whole world AND it has a Starbucks in it! Steven actually got me a cell phone when I was pregnant with Claire, because he said he just knew she was going to be born in Super Target, and I would need to call him! lol!

kimzbuzz said...

what did you forget???? remember...adhd girl here!!! Vroom~Vroom!!!! Have a great visit with family!

Happy days to all!
p.s. i second what Hayley said...happy holidays from us (H,K,E,&I) to you be safe and watch out for Bobby riding his bike!! :o)