Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm totally Sirius!

WOW! My Jeep came with a year's subscription to Sirius satellite radio. I thought, "Big whoop. Steven has had XM for a couple of years and it SUCKS!"

Well...I am cheerfully eating my words! Channel 22 is THE BEST radio station EVER. I won't even run into the store for an errand anymore...I just give Allison the $$$ and tell her to go get it, because I can't miss a song. Steven found it because I don't even listen to the radio any more, because it's gotten so bad. I just buy CD's. Now...I am all about channel 22. I just might even have to make a freezer paper stencil t-shirt about it.

Now...if I can just get it in my studio!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well...I'm not in the looney bin...


I think school starts August 14th. As long as I can make it till then!
Here's just the typical kind of interaction we have going on here in our house...

We have a giant Rubbermaid tub where we keep all the stuffed animals. Claire took the animals out and turned it into her car...fine with me, no problem, and she and Ethan are playing nicely.

However, because that just isn't allowed for any length of time, she just had to come tell me that Ethan was putting "gas" in her car and he put too much!

LMAO on the inside, but trying to tell her it's pretend gas so how does she know???

Then, 2 minutes later...she comes to tell me that she locked her car, but Ethan made a Lego key and he said the Lego key could still "break into it"!

So now I really am LMAO and said, "Oh my God Claire...it's a freakin' Rubbermaid tub with no lid! Anybody could break into it!"

The look on her face...priceless!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

I've been blindsided...

By Ethan. And I can't even talk about it. But, suffice it to say, along with the physical abuse of his sisters and all the yelling and screaming going on here 24/7, I am losing it. I am totally maxed out on anti-anxiety meds but, in the last week have had 3 really bad anxiety attacks. One where I got to the point where I actually passed out. I don't think Ethan and Claire knew about it, but, Allison saw it, and it really scared her. And the thing is, since I started taking the Clonazipam last summer, I don't think I've had one...and I was only taking one or two a day. Now I'm maxed out at 6, and I'm having them every day. It's just awful having them all together all the time, but we just don't have a choice.

So...if I'm not checking in here, I'm probably checked in somewhere else.

Monday, July 10, 2006

They are calling my name!

See, even Blogger loves them so much, they posted twice!

MUST STAY AWAY from Robin's blog ! She got me into this mess by posting her super cute Ked's, along with the one's she is pining for...ok, ok, so am I. BUT...it all started with her!

I've got this Mary Jane thing going on, and these Ked's are just IT! If you find them-The Greatest Ked's- send them to me! lol!

I think I'm all swapped out!

Got Ethan back yesterday, and now all my little birds are back in the nest. If only it were really that peaceful and idyllic! (I'm really turning old and bitter, aren't I? lol!)

Now...it's time for me to really get down to work! I need to finish up a couple of things for friends, then start making stuff to sell on etsy or where ever. My problem is staying on track...I start on one thing, then think, "Ooo! I wonder what would happen if I did this?", then I move on to that and forget all about what I was working on first! So, the mission for today is 'focus'.

And Gayla, if you are reading this...good luck tomorrow, keep your mouth shut, and let the doctors and nurses do their jobs! LOL! ;)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Home again, home again...

It was time to go back to Kingwood and swap Allison for Ethan for Nana. So we went...I don't know how I lived in that jungle forest humidity for so long and thought it was normal! lol!

Got to see Gayla! Yea!!! I don't know what the deal is, but...we are somehow cosmically connected, soul mates/sisters or whatever you want to call it. Other than Steven, there is no one else better for me.

Anyway...I'm going back on Saturday to retrieve Ethan. If he makes it that long. He wouldn't even spend the night at Nana's when we only lived 2 miles away! It doesn't matter though...I'll go get him anytime, and he's already made it through this first night just fine.

OH! Funniest thing! We were driving back to San Antonio, and we always stop at Buc-ee's for our bathroom break, snacks, drinks, whatever...and you will never guess who was getting out of her car at the exact same time about 5 spaces down with only one car between us!

Go on...try...

See! I told you you couldn't do it! lol!

Anyway, it was my Aunt Sylvia! My dad's sister who lives in Houston and was driving back home after being in San Antonio for the weekend! And this isn't the first time we've run into her at a crazy place...it happens all the time! Crazy, crazy world!

So, moving right along...my mom has this trunk that has a lot of my grandma's old linens, crocheted things and a bunch of her old aprons-so I was going through all of that. Decided to take pictures of the aprons. Then got a better idea...I would do a 'photo shoot' of Allison wearing the aprons while "mixing" and "cooking" with my mom's old, and I mean like 50 or 75 year old bowls, and old wooden spoons and other kitchen things...like an iron skillet, an old pastry mixer and an old biscuit cutter that my mom's sister made her like 50 years ago out of an old aluminum can that she painted red...no doubt paint that was full of lead that we were exposed to all those years every time we ate biscuits! lol! It really was a lot of fun! But, instead of showing you all the apron pictures...because there are about 25 of them, I'll leave you with this...