Thursday, July 20, 2006

Well...I'm not in the looney bin...


I think school starts August 14th. As long as I can make it till then!
Here's just the typical kind of interaction we have going on here in our house...

We have a giant Rubbermaid tub where we keep all the stuffed animals. Claire took the animals out and turned it into her car...fine with me, no problem, and she and Ethan are playing nicely.

However, because that just isn't allowed for any length of time, she just had to come tell me that Ethan was putting "gas" in her car and he put too much!

LMAO on the inside, but trying to tell her it's pretend gas so how does she know???

Then, 2 minutes later...she comes to tell me that she locked her car, but Ethan made a Lego key and he said the Lego key could still "break into it"!

So now I really am LMAO and said, "Oh my God's a freakin' Rubbermaid tub with no lid! Anybody could break into it!"

The look on her face...priceless!


Odd Mix said...

That conversation could take place in my house with Any of my kids, concerng ANY of my kids, at ANY time.


Keep your head up (above the water).

vicci said...

Oh how precious the kids are...please send Claire to me...would ya????? It's hotter than you know what here! I love this photo!