Friday, March 31, 2006

Just in case anyone is checking...

Steven's dad is having bypass surgery today...

*Update: Instead of the double or triple the doctor had thought he would do, it ended up being a quadruple bypass. He's doing fine so far...

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Show & Tell Thursday

Blackbird (well, Kim, really) wanted to see our favorite chocolate bar. This isn't really a "bar"'s a "square"...but, it is my very favorite chocolate. And the perfect amount, really.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

So. How do I...

Decorate/attatch things to this velcro and plastic boot? What kind of paint will stick to plastic the best? And velcro?

I'm afraid if I sew through the velcro, it will ruin it a little bit and it won't work as well.

What about glue? What kind do you think would be best...for either?

Monday, March 27, 2006


It's a stress fracture. Now I get to wear this lovely, big, black, velcro boot thingy. The kids are fascinated by it! I'm thinking I gotta figure out a way to paint this or something to at least make it interesting!

Guess what?

I finally went to see a doctor about my foot's been hurting since the beginning of February for no apparent reason, so I keep thinking it'll just go away. But it's getting worse and worse, and now it's swollen all the time.

The doctor said she thinks I have a Morton's Neuroma, and need to see a podiatrist. So I call this morning thinking it'll take 3 months to get an appointment, like it usually does for a specialist-at least in Houston. But, the doctor actually had an opening today at 3:45! So I took it.

I'll letcha know how that goes...

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Conversations with Claire

Claire is the doctor and I am the patient...

Claire is giving me a full once over...checking reflexes, checking in my ears and nose ("It's pretty dark in there", she says.) Listening to my heart and lungs. Then she listens to my stomach...

Me: Do you hear anything, Doctor? Do you think I might throw up?

Dr. Claire: Well...let's just say, I hope you're a good swimmer!

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! WHERE in the WORLD does she come up with this stuff?!?

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

And just to keep things interesting...

My father-in-law had a heart attack yesterday, and they also discovered he has pneumonia. Some kind of surgery is planned for tomorrow.

Bored? Come live with me! lol!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Guess what?

This was my week to not have to leave the house, remember? Ethan didn't have any appointments at all, and I didn't have to be anywhere else. So, after spending all afternoon yesterday at the doctor's office, then going to have Ethan's abdomen x-rayed (diagnosis: total constipation), guess what I got to do today?


Car wouldn't start this morning. Dead battery. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH MY KARMA??? I'm a nice person, I let people get in front of me in line at the store when they have less to check out than I do; if there is a question of who goes next at the stop sign I let the other person go; I hold doors open for women with strollers and pretty much everybody else who is behind me; I seriously try to help people out whenever I can and I always try to do the right thing! OK-so I have some overdue library books and have accrued quite a fine, but is that really so bad??? lol!

All I ask is that I am able to take care of my responsibilities. But I have to be able to STAY AT HOME to get that done!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Sooooooo NOT my job description!

I swear, if it's not one thing it's another! Just when I think everything is calming down and I can work (like, ON MY SWAP STUFF that I am sooooooooo far behind on) this comes up!

Ethan was complaining about a tummy ache last Wednesday. He had just had popcorn, candy and a coke at the movies, and we were in my mom's car, which is very low to the ground and much different than mine, so I attributed it to car sickness. Even I was nauseous-which is normal for me, though. He mentioned it again on Thursday when we were driving home, so again I thought it was car sickness.

Yesterday he mentioned it, so Steven and I were thinking he might be constipated. Steven was pushing around on his abdomen and Ethan said it hurt. Steven went to the store for some 'unconstipating' things, but Ethan had totally passed out by the time he got back, so he didn't get anything.

Today, he went to the nurse's office twice at school, complaining of a tummy ache, so I had to pick him up. No signs of anything else going on, though.

So I started asking him just a bunch of questions and pressing on his tummy again. He said it still hurt, and yesterday, when he did go to the bathroom "red goopy stuff" came out. Great! Maybe you should have mentioned that yesterday!

Talked to Steven...he suggested that Ethan may need an enema. I told him, "That is NOT in my job description!"

So, now we have a doctor's appointment in an hour and a half, and I have to go take a shower and get dressed...which I haven't done yet today because I was sure that ALL I had to do was WORK ON MY SWAP STUFF!

And, speaking of Swap Stuff...We got ours from Gina this weekend! The greatest, cutest things!!! Thank you so much, Gina, Kyle, Allison & Emmie! I will take a picture and formally thank you in your own post as soon as I definitely deserves it's own post!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring BREAK??? no longer a 'break' is now a 'whirlwind'. When did this happen? I'm betting it has something to do with the kids!

Today I am taking that long awaited soldering class from 1-6 pm. The only thing I have to bring is lunch money! Things are looking up!

After that...the rest of this weekend is ALL ABOUT ME laying in bed or on my red chaise! Hopefully watching 'Law & Order' on one channel or another, replenishing myself for all that I missed all week long!

Speaking of 'Law & Order', I am creating my own Wish List, like everybody else has with Google or Flicker or something but I can't figure out how to do Wish List consists of that cool new Super Duper iPod that you can download episodes of 'Law & Order' on (along with other TV shows that I never knew existed) and watch it RIGHT ON YOUR PERSONAL, VERY OWN iPOD!!! Now THAT is technology that I MUST have! Who cares about the songs and the videos? They now have PORTABLE 'LAW & ORDER'!!! In Starbucks, in the car, at 5:00 am when it actually isn't on any station at all...oh yeah.

OK-moving on to:

Portable Restrooms and Conversations with Claire:

On the way back from Houston we had to stop and get some Dramamine for Ethan, because Daddy drives too slow and Ethan's tummy can't take it. (lol!) Then, of course, because Ethan had a tummy ache, so did Claire. So, we stopped at a Wal-Mart. Then had everyone go to the potty before we left. So I'm in with Claire...and the toilet has one of those automatic flushers. Claire is still sitting there when it goes off...she turned around to look at the thing on the wall and practically growls, "I'm not finished yet!" lol! Then I see her nose start sniffing around, and she says, well, yells and echoes really, "Did somebody bring some stinky, rotten food in here or something?!?" Well, yeah, kinda. Her creative analogies kill me! rofl!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Seriously...what happens in there?

I just bought a new package of socks. I put them in the washing machine last night. Three pair went in...only TWO pair came out! Where the hell did they go???

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cuddle Time Chimp/Conversations with Claire

Has anybody seen these? It's this monkey made by the Fur Real Friends people, and it makes chimp noises and hugs you and stuff...Claire has been talking about it for a while. I had never seen it, though.

So a commercial for it just comes on and she yells, "Mommy! There it is! Look!"

I watch the commercial, and I have to admit, it's kinda cute. When the commercial is over, Claire turns to me and says, "So, you TOTALLY want me to get one, right???" rofl!!! Is she a manipulator or what? She doesn't just come out and say "I want one of those", she turns it into something that I want for her!

When she was a baby...long before she could talk...if I was somewhere and picked up some outfit or some little toy I was considering buying her, I think she actually knew whether or not it was for her, and whether or not she liked/wanted it. And if she liked it, she would throw up on it! And I had to buy it then! lol!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bloging will resume...

...eventually. I promise. I seriously have to work this week! Gina-If you are reading this, I promise I am trying so hard! lol! (How did you do it? lol!)

Spent ALL MONDAY AFTERNOON at the pediatric dentist's office. Seriously. Got there at 2:00, and we were the last people out of there at 5:20! The dentist is very nice, but damn she is slow! And now, one of Allison's fillings has already fallen out! Great. That means I get to spend another afternoon at the dentist's office.

Of course yesterday was spent making food for the teacher's luncheon, Ethan's doctor's appointment, convincing Claire that she IS NOT getting a hamster, and I FINALLY got a haircut! Now, if I can just work in the time to color it.

OK-I'm going to get a cup of coffee now and go to work! Please drop in or email and let me know what's going on in the real world!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

It has a profile, people!

It started out like any other regular big, ol' pimple. Right smack in the freakin' middle of my forehead. Then I could tell it was turning into something a little more like Mt. Saint Helen's.

That was last night.

This morning...Mt. Vesuvius! It's so big, it actually gets in my way, and I keep hitting it every time my hand goes past my face. It's like when you are pregnant and keep hitting your tummy on countertops, doorways, and furniture or anything else that happens to be at that height. But there is no big whitehead or anything on's just one of those under the skin kind that hurt so bad.

So I'm standing in the kitchen with Steven and I turned sideways and asked him if "it" had a profile. Steven tries so hard to have the right response, but I could tell he was shocked right away...*sucking in deep breath*..."Umm, n-n0. Well, not really." Me: "You're lying."

So I turned back around to face him and he goes, "Oh yeah, I can see it now."

Me: "Really! Straight on you can see it?!"

Steven: "Well, not really. Only because I know it's there. It's just a little red."

Me: "Hell yeah it's red! It keeps bumping into everything!"

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Conversations with Claire

*out of the clear blue sky...

Claire: Mom, I'm not going to have a collection of skunks.

Me: That's good.

*at least I don't have to worry about skunks going through the washer and dryer, like most of their collections! lol!

As for the plans for today...meeting some friends for breakfast at this mexican food place. Mmmm...mexican breakfasts!

Then, back to work on "THE Swap"...I am loving doing this stuff and I am so NOT complaining, but, it is so hard to get this stuff done with 3 kids running around wanting something or fighting every five minutes. Doesn't help that Al and Ethan have early release all week! ugh!

Better go hop in the shower so I don't scare everybody at Chacho's!