Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Bloging will resume...

...eventually. I promise. I seriously have to work this week! Gina-If you are reading this, I promise I am trying so hard! lol! (How did you do it? lol!)

Spent ALL MONDAY AFTERNOON at the pediatric dentist's office. Seriously. Got there at 2:00, and we were the last people out of there at 5:20! The dentist is very nice, but damn she is slow! And now, one of Allison's fillings has already fallen out! Great. That means I get to spend another afternoon at the dentist's office.

Of course yesterday was spent making food for the teacher's luncheon, Ethan's doctor's appointment, convincing Claire that she IS NOT getting a hamster, and I FINALLY got a haircut! Now, if I can just work in the time to color it.

OK-I'm going to get a cup of coffee now and go to work! Please drop in or email and let me know what's going on in the real world!


my vintage days said...

Yes I'm reading this..LOL
Breath......I promise I'm not going to hunt you down..LOL

Yeah, your a mom and doing what needs to be done. The rest can wait. Be proud of yourself.

just me for now said...

just wanted to say, if the teacher's luncheon food you were preparing was for what i think it was for, it is SO APPRECIATED!!! i'm student teaching right now, and frankly, any food i can get my hands on in that staff room that saves me from a school lunch (because i have enough to do without preparing a lunch for myself everyday) is a beautiful day! i have been known to sneak in at the end of the day and finish off any cake that was there...a touch more nourishing and edible than anything they rock!