Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Guess what?

This was my week to not have to leave the house, remember? Ethan didn't have any appointments at all, and I didn't have to be anywhere else. So, after spending all afternoon yesterday at the doctor's office, then going to have Ethan's abdomen x-rayed (diagnosis: total constipation), guess what I got to do today?


Car wouldn't start this morning. Dead battery. WHAT IS THE DEAL WITH MY KARMA??? I'm a nice person, I let people get in front of me in line at the store when they have less to check out than I do; if there is a question of who goes next at the stop sign I let the other person go; I hold doors open for women with strollers and pretty much everybody else who is behind me; I seriously try to help people out whenever I can and I always try to do the right thing! OK-so I have some overdue library books and have accrued quite a fine, but is that really so bad??? lol!

All I ask is that I am able to take care of my responsibilities. But I have to be able to STAY AT HOME to get that done!

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vicci said...

You are so sweet Lauri...your day will come...just hang in there....