Saturday, March 18, 2006

Spring BREAK??? no longer a 'break' is now a 'whirlwind'. When did this happen? I'm betting it has something to do with the kids!

Today I am taking that long awaited soldering class from 1-6 pm. The only thing I have to bring is lunch money! Things are looking up!

After that...the rest of this weekend is ALL ABOUT ME laying in bed or on my red chaise! Hopefully watching 'Law & Order' on one channel or another, replenishing myself for all that I missed all week long!

Speaking of 'Law & Order', I am creating my own Wish List, like everybody else has with Google or Flicker or something but I can't figure out how to do Wish List consists of that cool new Super Duper iPod that you can download episodes of 'Law & Order' on (along with other TV shows that I never knew existed) and watch it RIGHT ON YOUR PERSONAL, VERY OWN iPOD!!! Now THAT is technology that I MUST have! Who cares about the songs and the videos? They now have PORTABLE 'LAW & ORDER'!!! In Starbucks, in the car, at 5:00 am when it actually isn't on any station at all...oh yeah.

OK-moving on to:

Portable Restrooms and Conversations with Claire:

On the way back from Houston we had to stop and get some Dramamine for Ethan, because Daddy drives too slow and Ethan's tummy can't take it. (lol!) Then, of course, because Ethan had a tummy ache, so did Claire. So, we stopped at a Wal-Mart. Then had everyone go to the potty before we left. So I'm in with Claire...and the toilet has one of those automatic flushers. Claire is still sitting there when it goes off...she turned around to look at the thing on the wall and practically growls, "I'm not finished yet!" lol! Then I see her nose start sniffing around, and she says, well, yells and echoes really, "Did somebody bring some stinky, rotten food in here or something?!?" Well, yeah, kinda. Her creative analogies kill me! rofl!

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