Saturday, March 04, 2006

It has a profile, people!

It started out like any other regular big, ol' pimple. Right smack in the freakin' middle of my forehead. Then I could tell it was turning into something a little more like Mt. Saint Helen's.

That was last night.

This morning...Mt. Vesuvius! It's so big, it actually gets in my way, and I keep hitting it every time my hand goes past my face. It's like when you are pregnant and keep hitting your tummy on countertops, doorways, and furniture or anything else that happens to be at that height. But there is no big whitehead or anything on's just one of those under the skin kind that hurt so bad.

So I'm standing in the kitchen with Steven and I turned sideways and asked him if "it" had a profile. Steven tries so hard to have the right response, but I could tell he was shocked right away...*sucking in deep breath*..."Umm, n-n0. Well, not really." Me: "You're lying."

So I turned back around to face him and he goes, "Oh yeah, I can see it now."

Me: "Really! Straight on you can see it?!"

Steven: "Well, not really. Only because I know it's there. It's just a little red."

Me: "Hell yeah it's red! It keeps bumping into everything!"


vicci said...

Lauri...Don't feel popped out on me too! I swear...only mine is on the chin! I keep feeling and touching the dang thing...I always freak out when I get them cause I'm not use to having them!! HATE THEM!!

my vintage days said...

What is it with the flu and pimples. I'm having a little issue with them on my face to, but mine is on my chin.