Sunday, November 27, 2005

So we just got back...

Just got back to San Antonio from Houston. It was like 70 something degrees there, but totally humid. It's 90 degrees here, but feels so much cooler! Gayla was right...Houston is Hell!


kimzbuzz said...

Hello, Laurie!!! How are ya??? Sounds like you are happy to be home!! But i know you had a great visit with family and friends!!!

I am around...taking care of my cousin mainly. Bless her heart she is pitiful. Sweet as she can be!

Anyway! Talk soon!

Hayley said...

Welcome Home, Lauri!! Glad you had a wonderful time! Can't wait to see pics! Don't forget little "E~Claire"!!! She's so darned precious!! So, go load up on some STARBUCKS, and then come back and update your blog.

*scoots Lauri along..."go on...go get some Starbucks, pick up some more milk even though you already have 3 gallons in the frig...but it will 'justify' your trip to Target...and when you get back, update your blog for Hayley because she's sick in bed with the flu and is bored to death!!" Go on now...shoo...*


Hayley said...

OH! And to you and your "90 degree weather"...


(sticking my tongue out!! kidding!)