Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Oh. My. GOD!!!

I did it! I figured it out all by mylself! I got a VIDEO!!!Wooo-Hoooooooooooooooooo!!!

In the 'Song of Claire':

Who's good?
I'm good!
Who's good?
I'm good!
Oh yeah! I'm good!

And this song could go on for hours!


Hayley said...

"GO CLAIRE!"..."GO CLAIRE!"..."GO CLAIRE!"...Aunt Hayley will teach you how to dance to that song!! LOL...Lauri, you need to post more "Conversations with Claire"! TOO FREAKIN' FUNNY!!!

CONGRATS, Lauri!!! See...it's easy when you figure it out, isn't it??

Like I tell my son..."It's fun to have fun....you just have to know HOW!!"

OK...bored again...sorry...I'll leave now...

Hayley said...

By the way...just to let you know...you can change the "color" of your video. The area of it where it's yellow now. If you go to the "tag" where you pasted it, at the very beginning, you'll see where it says "Yellow". Just simply erase the color name, and type in a color you like. Like red, white, purple, blue...WHATEVER!!! And it will change.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Cool Hayley! Thanks for the tip!

It is easy once you figure it out...but the first time I did it, wherever I posted the link, it made the video come on at the beginning of EACH post! lol! So I changed that...

Here's the most recent 'Conversation with Claire':

Claire: Mom, do I have to finish my homework?
(She likes to pretend she's like big sister and goes to school.)

Me: Why, yes you do!

Claire: Well, I have a date with Elmo later, and I have to get ready.

ROFLMAO!!! All the people out there, and she picks ELMO! lol!

And please feel free to be bored over here, cuz I'm bored too!


Hayley said...

Well...think of it this way. Yes...there are plenty more out there they she could go out on a date with other than Elmo. But at least it wasn't Barney, a Teletubbie, Bert or Ernie (I'm thinkin' those 2 are an item, anyhow!!!).

OMG...what a personality that child has! LOL...she needs to be on TV!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Yeah...just wait till one of yours shows up in front of you...or rather, hopped up to you in a giant pillowcase and she's totally naked in there! rofl!

Hayley said...

ROTFLMFAO!!!! That's a hoot!! I would FLIP OUT! Eli has this thing about taking his diaper off (yes, I've tried potty training...any tips???)and running around all "Free Willy"...He did it to me the other day when the DHL Delivery guy was dropping off my new iPod replacement, and he was naked from the waist down!! I felt like such a LOSER MOM!!!! Wasn't laughing at the time, but I chuckle about it now.

Gotta love kids!!!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Ppppfffffffttt! I can only IMAGINE what those guys see when people open their doors! He probably didn't even think twice about Eli. Ethan has gotten into the boxer shorts thing, and about a month ago, my neighbor is at the door and Ethan comes down the stairs in his boxers and no shirt! I could just see the "White Trash" sign flashing above our heads! I kept telling him to go get dressed but he wasn't going anywhere. Uh! Kids!

About potty training: DON'T PUSH IT! Let him know that the potty is there and what it's for and all, and maybe even ask him occasionally if he wants to use it. But, don't push too hard and let it turn into a power struggle. You can't win this one!

kimzbuzz said...

Congratulations!!!!! You did it put a video on your blog!! i will tell you about my horrific experience with it one day!!! Damn glad i had friends to help me! anyway...have a great day!! i have been swamped at work so i will check in later on all your postings!

smiles for a great day!

JustAnnax said...

*laughs* now that really really made me smile!

((off to go and get myself a video))