Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The time has come...

Last summer, Allison started asking about when she can shave her legs. And I do mean legs only, because I can't even fine one little armpit hair, even with a microscope. She was about to enter middle school, so I told her if everybody in 6th grade is shaving, you can to, but let's wait and see.

Well, of course, EVERYONE ELSE shaves, and my little Allison is the only one left with hairy legs. So, I went out and got her an electric shaver. (I was worried about her using a blade.)

It actually sat around for a few days before she decided to use it. But when she did, I decided that THIS was a moment that needed documenting! I would sneak up on her and take a picture! When she caught me, she turned around and yelled, mortified, "Mom! What are you doing?!?". Of course I responded, "I can totally Blog this, Al!"!

I think it's really true . . . the best part about having children is embarrassing them!
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Morgan said...

Viscous! and totally funny too! LOL! Nice blog!
Take care!

mommyov5 said...

Lmbo I bet she just loves her picture on the internet :-)