Friday, November 11, 2005

THE Machine!

So last week, I got this new sewing machine. The Bernina Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe. I think Bernina technically calls it the 440QE, but that in no way describes it's excellence! (Thank you again, Steven, for getting me this Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe Sewing Machine!)

This thing is so super, there are 6, yes, 6, New Owner's classes to take, where they teach you all about it and how to use all the features. I didn't even get ONE class when I got this computer! (And it was my first!) It was sink or swim. I had to figure it out all on my own!

So last night was the first class. This was the one where they teach you how to thread it, wind a bobbin, sew a straight stitch, and basic stuff like that. I'm thinking, if you cannot sew a straight stitch, what the fuck are you doing spending that much money on the Super-Duper Extra Super Deluxe??? (Thank you, Steven! I love you!)

But, I did learn a couple of new things, like it has this handle thingy that comes down under the table from the machine, and you use your knee to press it over, and it lifts the presser foot up just enough for you to turn your fabric like a 90 degree angle or whatever, after you've programmed in that you want the needle to stop in the down position all the time, so if you are sewing and have to turn a lot of a quilt...your hands never have to leave the fabric, and your material doesn't get all screwed up, then you have to readjust it and all that shit.'s totally cool! (Steven, you are so sweet! Thank you!) And I love to make quilts! Choosing the colors and pattern is the best part, then I love just putting the tops big puzzles. I have always handquilted before though, because I thought machine quilting would take away something special, but with this machine, I can machine quilt it and make it look more special than if I had hand quilted it! (It also does embroidery, but that's another class! lol! It has something to do with getting these embroidery CDs, then hooking your laptop up to it and, voila! lol!)

I really do love to make quilts, but have never had any real luck with machines. They were always fairly cheap, and it was more frustrating to try and use them than it was to stifle by instinct to create, so I just never really did much. But this machine is like a dream! (Steven, you are my favorite husband!) Now, if the kids will just leave me alone....

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Hayley said...

OMG!! I'm sitting in my hospital bed, and just read your ENTIRE blog!!! SO HILARIOUS!!! I especially love "Conversations with Claire"...calling that driver an "asshole"...HOW FUNNY!!! Or...Waking you up at 3:41am...Good Stuff!!!

Thanks for the laughs!!!