Thursday, November 17, 2005

Can we talk???

So, I'm on my second cup of coffee and feeling chatty, wondering about a lot of things.

First on my mind is Tyra Banks. Beautiful girl, I'll agree. But, what in the hell qualifies her for her own TV/talk show??? I'm not a big fan of daytime TV, which I guess is good because the kids are usually in charge of that, so it's always on Nick or Disney or PBS. (And yes, necessarily in that order! I'm a bad mom-I don't force PBS on them, nor will I pretend I do.) I will admit an addiction to Law & Order though, which I occasionally get to watch on TNT in the early afternoons if Claire agrees to "Quiet Time". (pppfffft!) But somehow, today, I got control of the TV in the den! I really don't know how this happened, but I decided to actually sit down with a cup of coffee on the couch and turned on the news, and Claire is playing upstairs and I'm still here! is where Tyra comes in. Good Morning America is over and The Tyra Banks show comes on. WTH?!? Within the first 15 minutes I have heard her say "Bling-Bling" about 26 times. The second portion of her show involved "Hook-Ups"...she "hooked-up" a teenage girl with kidney problems (not sure if she had a transplant or still needs one) with some Godiva Chocolate and a little sail on a yacht that Jennifer Love Hewitt "once slept on!!!". Yee-fuckin-haw! Why don't you pay the girl's medical bills or give her a kidney or something that I'm sure she needs much more than some chocolate and a ride on a boat JLH once slept on? Pretty much, the rest of the show are the guests praising Tyra and telling her how great she is. This is about the MOST self-serving show I have ever seen. Changing channel now.

Now...about the hair. I'm sure Steven had his own private heart attack, but, he really couldn't say anything because the only reason I did all that is because we have to go to a big, formal Valero dinner/party thing Saturday night. I had to go out and by a new outfit because I certainly don't have anything formal laying around...I haven't even worked in over 11 years (although that BA in Psychology and Child Development is being put to good use!) so I don't even have anything that resembles nice work clothes! lol! I wear nothing but jeans and shorts. And, although I can put things with jeans that make them look rather dressy, no way would that work this weekend! I also went and got my nails done last night, too. I used to be able to opt out of these things but, now that Steven is a manager, it would be "career limiting" if I'm not standing there by his side. Yippy. I am now what I have always feared the most. I'm a 'Corporate Wife'. No more showing up to just regular employee dinners in leather pants! (And when Steven worked for Exxon, THE most conservative company in the world, THAT was fun, let me tell you!!!) I knew all the earrings and tattoos would catch up with me one day! lol! And, BTW, these nails are NOT helping my typing AT ALL!

Ya know, now that I'm thinking about it, instead of hanging my diploma in my study, I need to hang it right by the front door, because this whole house really is my office and research lab! lol!

Well, I'm sure I could just go on all day, but seriously, these nails are a pain in the @$$. I'm gonna have to learn how to type all over again! Plus, Law & Order will be on in a couple of hours...I should do something around here for me to justify lying around watching that later. lol! Have a great day, everyone!


Hayley said... son LOVE "PBS Kids"...and it DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! He watches "Caillou"...I don't know if you've ever experienced this show...but the little boy is SUPER I've cut Eli off from watching it because he was starting in on the whining. I have a HUGE amount of patience...unfortunately, I don't have it for that.

Yeah, I found "daytime" TV to be extremely ANNOYING while I was on bedrest. HATED IT!!!!

Well...glad your husband was OK (outwardly, anyways) about the hair deal. Pfffttt...WHO CARES!! We all deserve it from time to time...don't we???

Isabella is doing great! Giving her lots of hugs & kisses from everybody!! ;o)

Have a GREAT time at the party this weekend. Post some pics if you get any!!


LoriLaurieLauri said...

OMG Hayley! 'Caillou' is THE worst! Claire loves that show but, you are right, the whining has got to go! And that mother! She is the one who drives me perfect, so even, never raises her voice or gets thrown off by moms like me a bad name!

BTW...I love how I have to do the 'word verification' thing to leave a comment on my own blog! lol!

Shari said...

Hmmmm...Caillou??? We watch that at least 3 times a day at our house. And the mom, well I kind of identify with her---a little dumpy and flabby around the middle and she always wears the same clothes!!! That is as far as it goes though!!! I'm kind of like the gramma too---my grandson Joey (3yrs old) and I are always painting, cutting and gluing together.

Our real favorite shows are Thomas and Bob the Builder (in that order). I know all the songs---sad state of affairs, huh??


Hayley said...

OMG!! "Thomas" FREAKS ME OUT!! THOSE STATUES that "talk" but don't...or whatever it is. I try not to watch. Kind of how some people are freaked out by clowns...I'm freaked out by "Thomas the Train".

And are SOOOOO RIGHT about the mommy on Caillou!! She is TOO LAYED BACK!!! LOL...and Shari, I thought she was pregnant the first time I saw her.

I had that darned song in my head earlier today..."I'm just a kid who's 4...each day I grow some more...I like exploring...I'M CAIIIIIILLOOUUUUUUU!"

HUGS...Hayley ;o)