Wednesday, November 23, 2005


I forgot toothbrushes! And toothpaste, of course. It was horrible! We had to stop at Super Target and pick some up...and then of course I was forced to get a Chai at Starbucks. Terrible. Just terrible. (LOL!!!)

Oh, and Kim...I think the Hill's live outside of Dallas, don't they? Where Hank sells "Propane and Propane Accessories"? lol! Dallas is a 6 hour drive from San Antonio, and a 4 hour drive from Houston, so I don't think I'll be seeing them. Not that there aren't enough dumb asses around here! However...I could possibly run into George and Barbara Bush, or maybe some of the Spurs (ya know...Tim, Manu, Tony...). If so, I'll be sure to tell them 'Hi' from you, and that you really wanted to be here yourself, but you opted for the beach instead! rofl!!!


Hayley said...

OMG...Lauri...I hope you know how THRILLED Kim is going to be that you know about the "Hill's". She NEVER misses a show!!! LOL...

And ABSOLUTELY you may take on the role of "Internet Godmommy" to Elijah as well. I'll have to post a pic of him...but I'm telling you...we need to do a pre~arranged marriage for Claire and Eli. SHE IS SOOOOOO PRECIOUS!!! THAT NOSE!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

Take to all...

Hayley & Co.

Hayley said...

And by the really didn't "forget" the toothbrushes, now...did you?? That was a VERY well thought out plan, Lauri girl!

*high 5* you smoooooth operator!!



kimzbuzz said...

YES!!!!!!!! Hot damn!!! someone else in the world knows the HILL's!!!! WOOHOO!! Hear that hayey baby!!! wow, laurie just don't know how much i love that show!!! they call me Bobby at work!! ROTFLMAO!!!!! YOU ROCK!! and yes he sells propane tanks and propane accessories in arlen...i think. yes...tell the Bush's "HELLO for me!!!" tell the Spurs "Hi" and yes...the beach is much more enjoyable...than their basketball game now UNC...yes i am there not at the beach! **SMILING!!!**

you are awesome! I hope you have a wonderful visit with the fam.

Love to all! Be safe traveling!

Kim, Hayley, Lellow Bird and Roo!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Hayley-what are you? Psychic or something? lol! I actually did forget them, but remembered as we were backing out of the driveway, so I COULD HAVE gone back in, but...why? lol!

And I can handle the pre-arranged marriage...I'm a planner, so that REALLY works for me! Plus, that would make Claire like a "double Smith", and how cool is that?
And just wait till you see the pictures of her with my brother's dog I just took today! I can't get those posted until probably Monday though.

Kim-I can't believe you are such a fan of the Hill's! What is it you like about them? You're not from Texas or anything are you? I hardley ever watch it, but when I do it always cracks me up!

Ya know...if you were from Texas, your name could be Bobby-Kim and no one would blink an eye! lol!


Hayley said...



And yes, that's me on my blog. Just telling my girl I love her. I know...SOOOOO CHEESY!!! But I was super bored last night!

Hope you're having a great time! Can't wait to see the pics of little E~Claire. (Do you call her that??) LOL...

Talk to you soon...


Hayley said... psychic. BUT I LOVE ME SOME STARBUCK'S, TOO!!! So, putting myself in your place, and knowing that I'll do just ABOUT anything to land near a location, I figured it out!


kimzbuzz said...

Laurie...I am not from texas i am from Florida and live in Georgia now. But i loved the character of hank on the beavis and butthead show...well he wasn't hank on that show but his voice just cracks me up and i just think that the creators float around my parents thoughts...i'm just like bobby! always saying..."Dammit, Bobby can't you do anything right??" i don't really like the name Bobby~Kim but i will answer to the call if hayley calls me that! :o)
Hope you have a great time in Houston...and try to forget something IMPORTANT so you will need to stop at Super Target...yes i am with you and Hayley on LOVING THAT STORE!!! oh...forget diapers...if you have one in diapers!! Hahahahaha....

take care and safe travels,

LoriLaurieLauri said...

No, I don't have any in diapers anymore, but I can always come up with a reason to stop at Super Target!

And I just got back from spending 3 hours with an old friend at Starbucks! Haven't seen her since we moved and we met there today to catch up. I had NO idea we had been there that long, but we still didn't get to talk about everything! lol! Oh, and she gave me a Starbucks Christmas ornament! lol!

LoriLaurieLauri said...

OH! About Claire and her nicknames...I used to call her "E-Claire" when she was a baby, but haven't called her that in a while. I do call her "chocolateyclaire" though, but she tells me in her rough and tough voice, "I'm not chocolate!" rofl!

Mostly, I call her 'Shiney'. I don't know why, but she just is, if you know what I mean...she has a very sparkley personality!