Thursday, December 29, 2005

What were YOU wearing on Christmas Day...and a 'Mommy Daughter Moment"

So...we had a lovely Christmas, if not a white one. Or, well, just a different kind of white...sand. Ethan and Claire have been having a ball in the sand pile in front of the house they are building next door! I think it makes Steven anxious, because "you never know what's in there"! lol! But I'm betting it's only sand, and I remember how much fun Brian and I used to have in the sand from houses they were building around us when we were kids...I especially remember this one time, in South Carolina, when they were building across the creek that bordered our property across the back. We would cross the creek and play over there. One day, it was wet, and we got STUCK in the mud up to our shins, and could NOT pull our feet out! We just had to stand there and yell for help! LMAO! Mom finally came out...I must have been barefoot because I know I didn't ruin any shoes; but Brian had on his rubber boots, and when mom was finally able to pull his feet out they were covered in mud inside and out. I can still picture him sitting in the backyard with a water hose cleaning his boots. LOL!

ANYWAY...the kids are having fun with the sand, and I want them to have those memories. So I had to take this picture on Christmas Day, with temperatures outside threatening to break records held for over half a century (which they did on Tuesday) of Claire in a sundress playing in the sand...taking a break from riding her new Dora Scooter, which explains the helmet.

Fast forward to Wednesday, when we met a friend and her daughter at Mama's Cafe for breakfast about 9:00. It was so damn cold outside, I was wearing a scarf and hat! But, that's Texas weather for ya! But I thought this was a nice picture of me and Allison, so I thought I would share.

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Hayley said...

Awwwww...those are GREAT pics, Lauri! Allison is so pretty! I LOVE the color of her hair! Sweet moments. I look forward to mine.