Sunday, December 04, 2005


We all know I didn't get all that stuff done! lol!

Allison actually put the lights up! Remember they only went on the black railing leading up to the front door and the cactus. I didn't make her climb up a 20 ft. ladder to string them across the roof!

I started making a thank you NOTE for the guy that threw the party Friday night and it grew into a canvas size "note"! rofl! He is an 'appreciator', I guess you could say, of 'different' art, so I think (hope!) he will like it! It's still not done though. And of course I had to run out and get some more stuff...stopped by Starbucks and did a lot of window shopping by was soooooooooo nice! But now I'm absolutely starving, so I'm gonna go eat!

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moxiemomma said...

just stopping by to say hello and check you out :)