Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Conversations with Claire

Claire: Mommy, here is something orange, and I can drink it.

(She pulls a 'Fanta' bottle out of the fridge.)

Me: (singing) Fanta Fanta
Dont'cha wanna
Fanta Fanta

Claire: (singing) Cup cup cup cup
Put it in my
Cup cup cup cup

*she has to be a genius to be that funny, that quick!


Hayley said...

SHE HAS RHYTHM!!! PUT THE CHILD IN DANCING!! (Ballet 1st!! Ballet is the foundation for ALL dancing!! Seriously!! I'm not saying that because I love it so much. It's very true!)

Anyhow...what a personality that child has! We will definately have to meet someday and get our kids together...

Tree said...

WOW there is some sort of genius at work there!