Saturday, December 03, 2005

We got a tree!

It's officially the Christmas Season in our household now! We got a tree...artificial and PRE-LIT (yea!!!) and I cannot wait to put it up! I don't know why though. We've never put it up more than a few days before Christmas; sometimes even as late as Christmas Eve, just because we didn't have time. We even got a few lights for outside. (We haven't had lights outside because I quit doing them when Allison was 3 because Steven wasn't putting them up or taking them down and I just couldn't do it all anymore...I just remember that last year I did lights, I was in the middle of a miscarriage-my 3rd, and it was late so I was hemoragging like a sonofabitch-climbing and crawling all around the yard by myself thinking, "WTF???")

ANYWAY-sorry if I grossed anybody out...kinda went off on a tangent...BUT, we got a few lights for outside. I'm just going to put them on the black iron railing leading up to the front door. They are just the clear white ones. Then hang a wreath there on the rail where it faces the front. Then we (and when I say "we", I mean Allison and I) got some colored lights to put around the cactus! I really hope it turns out cute.

Of course I want to do all of this tomorrow, along with making a penguin bag that Allison will fill with candy to bring to school for an auction. The students can bid on things and buy them with their 'Bush Bucks' and apparently candy will bring in the money! I also want to try making paper beads with Allison tomorrow...we'll see how much I actually get done!


bunkit said...

Good luck with all that. I'd seriously like to know how all that work turns out.
(Lights around the cactus~that sounds so cute.)

I hope you post pictures you nut! :)Will you come to my house after? I don't feel like putting any lights up outside and our house is just about the only one left that's not lit up.

kimzbuzz said...

Hey, girly!!! Wow, I am one to put decorations up like in November start listening to Christmas music in August...not this year...i am the Scrooge!! yep! not putting up a tree this year! oh well! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!

Have a great day my friend!!