Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Still looking through the old pictures...

And I have serious questions about this one! My brother, Brian, is on the right, of course Santa in the middle, but, that kid on the left??? If I am thinking correctly, that kid was our next door neighbor when we lived in Atlanta-Christopher Williams. Brian didn't even like him! He was a whiney brat! (Chris, if you are reading this now, I'm sure you've grown up to be a wonderful man.)

Now...why is HE sitting on Santa's lap with my brother? Where the hell am I? Was I naughty that year? (Who, ME? Naughty? I didn't smash bananas on ANYBODY'S door that year!) Why didn't I get to see Santa?!? I was denied my right to see Santa!

And you know what? I remember that was the year that Brian got 'The Green Machine'!Anybody remember that one? A cousin of 'The Big Wheel'...the seat was really low, so that your legs went straight out in front of you to pedal, and you would steer it with these sticking up things on each side of you instead of a steering wheel. Oh, and it was totally green!

I have NO CLUE what I got that year. Probably nothing, because I didn't get to see Santa to let him know what I wanted. I always knew they loved Brian more than me. ;)


kimzbuzz said... favorite toy was my Big Wheel! i loved the thing! such great times on that!! i remember the green machine...LMAO!! and i feel your pain about...not seeing santa...what tragedy! :o(

Awww...poor thing!

justannax said...

I loved looking at all the old photos!! :) Just popping in to wish you a great christmas and a most magical new year!! xxx