Thursday, December 29, 2005

My Refridgerator

This first shot is the general inside of the fridge...looks pretty good now, because my mom has been here and she organized it. She's only been gone since Tuesday, so it still looks ok. Normally, everything just gets shoved in every which way and any way it will fit. I do know that in addition to our normal stuff, there is still a big ham in that big white plastic bag, and there are a bunch of leftovers in little containers and some sweet potatoes in that big glass pan. This really isn't the normal inside for us...I need to take a picture a couple of weeks from now when it's packed with Lunchables and yogurt and Gogurt and cheese and all of our normal foods!

This is a shot of the most important shelf...Lauri's shelf. My water and orange juice (NOT FROM CONCENTRATE!)and definitely WITHOUT pulp, and wine. ROFL!

This is Steven's shelf with his Starbucks stuff and Chai and Soy Milk.

And a shot of the, popsicles and ice. That's pretty much all we use it for.

The outside of the fridge with all the artwork, notes and decorations...

...along with the side.

Aren't you all so glad Hayley tagged me for this?!? lol! Personally, I think it's kind of fun, seeing how other people live. Now I'm gonna tag Hayley back...I want to see pictures of her tackiest Christmas decoration! Somehow though, I'm having trouble she has anything even remotely tacky! But...maybe something ugly??? lol! Eh, while I'm at it, I want to see Kim's and Morgan's, too! Might as well. Y'all are my only friends who actually have blogs!

OH! I also have several new posts this morning, so keep on scrolling down. And I also started a new blog to keep shots of artwork and stuff for a 'picture trail', so check in there every so often!


Morgan said...

NICE!!!! lol! wow, that is pretty organized! mine isn't THAT good looking. cute "mug" on the front of the fridge! ;oD
lata gata!

Hayley said...

OH YEAH!! I CAN FIND SOMETHING TACKY ALRIGHT!!!!! I'll do it later tonite when I get in from seeing the baby...who by the way is looking to be home next week!!!! :o)

Good to see you back!! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!!

Hayley and kids...

Kimberly G said...

Aren't Mom's the BEST?! It's funny though, I'm usually the one going to my Mom's and organizing for her...hehehehe.
Love that you did a post on cute! :))))