Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Mmmm! Smells good in here!

The kids and I made those Cinnamon/Applesauce ornaments this morning. I don't care how they turn out, because the house smells so good!

OK-now I'm supposed to be at Chik-Fil-A in half an hour, and I haven't even gotten into the shower yet. Guess we know where my priorities are!

What is it about the computer??? The internet??? I can't stay away! I think it's because I love to read so much, and about anything, and there is just an endless supply of reading material out there. You could never run out of things to read on the internet...and that keeps me sitting here for hours!

Now let's all chant: Lauri take a shower! Lauri take a shower! Lauri take a shower!

OK, ok! I'm going! Geez.

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