Thursday, October 20, 2005

I so feel for this lady...

This mother of 3 threw all three kids off a bridge into the San Francisco Bay. I am truly hoping this doesn't go the way of Andrea Yates, and that people will realize just how hard it is to be a mother in this day and age. We have come to be a very selfish society, and no one is really willing to help anyone out when they need it. Especially overwhelmed and depressed mothers! As a mom, you have to put on that smiling, happy face and pretend nothing is wrong, or else others will see you as a horrible person who doesn't love her children...these are the people who won't lend a helping hand in the midst of crisis, but are the first to call the police or Children's Services or whatever you want to call them, and file a report to have your children taken away. Sometimes we need a few hours away, sometimes we just need a conversation with someone who truly understands how overwhelming it can be, and sometimes we just need someone to help us catch up on cleaning. Far too many of us are left out in the cold, on our own, and sometimes, the only the only thing we can see is a way out. But then people just think you are being overly dramatic. Depression is serious, and it's REAL. And it is time for everyone to understand just how real and serious it is!

Please give this woman, and all mothers (single, married, whatever) the support they need, without being critical and judgemental!


mommyov5 said...

great post! I totally understand your feelings and your frustrations. I feel them alot myself and it really does help to know you are not alone. :-)

Hayley said...

awesome views!! i saw you posted at my blog...(ilovekimmy)...and said you put me in your "favs" i came on over to check out yours. i'm on lots of FREE TIME!!

take care,