Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Remy cat, Remy cat, where you at?

So I take Allison to Theater class, and Steven decides he's going to clean out the closet under the stairs. He takes everything out . . . totally empties the closet. At the very back of the closet, there is a little door that goes into the walls under the last few steps. Somehow or other, Remy got in there, then got trapped when Steven put everything back into the closet and blocked the door. And I have no idea that he has done any of this.

I get home and Steven says he can't find Remy. So I'm like, what do you mean you can't find her? Don't worry about it, she's in here somewhere, they don't go outside. He says he keeps hearing little, tiny "mews" coming from somewhere, but he doesn't know where . . . she might be inside the walls. I'm like "What?!?" and thinking he is totally insane . . . inside the walls. Riiiiiiiiiight!

Then we realize that Frida will only sit on the bottom 2 steps, and I start hearing the little "mews" . . . but they are really quiet and muffled. That's when Steven tells me he cleaned out the closet, and maybe Remy went through that door and is under the stairs. OK - well if you think that might have happened, GET HER OUT!

So we pull everything back out of the closet, open the door and Remy pops her little head out . . . but doesn't want to come all the way out! We actually had to pull her out of there! Silly cat.

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