Sunday, April 03, 2005

He never even kissed me...

Not once. The entire weekend. He was in San Antonio all week long . . . Sunday through Friday . . . and he just left to go back to SA a little while ago . . . not one single kiss. Not even hello or goodbye.


Lori said...

I'm so must be hurt.

Catherine said...

Your post makes me think ~ "how we mindlessly and carelessly hurt our spouses, never intending to do so.." I don't know your marriage, but the things you have posted lead me to believe that you love him and he loves you.

The other day Dan came home from work and was talking to me about the cabinets. I was watching him talk and thought to myself that the lines of our years together on his face were so handsome. So, I blurted out "You are such a handsome man." He stopped mid-sentence and stared, with a hesitant smile starting at his lips. I know the comment pleased him, but felt guilty because behind that smile was probably the thought: "That's the first nice thing she's said to me in days."

We neglect each other, especially when life is chaotic with work, kids, moves.