Thursday, June 15, 2006

Summer just isn't the same once you have kids.

Ya know? They are home from school and bored and whiney and I could go on and on and on.... And mostly, all they do is fight.

But...this is Boot Camp Summer. They are going to learn to respect each other and our house, cars and things if it's the last thing I do. And before you say anything, the psychiatrist and the psychologist BOTH agree! In fact, all 3 kids are starting therapy next week-so it's not just Ethan anymore.

I'm not tolerating anything, and they are spending lots of time in their rooms. Steven is taking them on "marches" when he gets home from work...really, it's hiking up a really big hill. Mountain to me! He makes them call him "Sir", and the whole time he is talking to them about their place in the family and the special things they bring to us and to each other. He makes them say nice things about one another. He is teaching them how they are a team and how to work together...whether it's helping each other climb over a rock or it's a hypothetical situation he throws out there. He's showing them how, if one wins, they all win. If one loses, they all lose.

What's funny is, if one of them starts whining, he makes them drop and do 5 push ups, sit ups or squats. After only 2 times Claire stopped whining, and it only took Ethan once! lol! And actually, I think the funniest thing is, when they come home, all they can talk about is how much fun they have had! *Knocking on wood here, but* I hate to say anything because I'm afraid I'll jinx it-but I can actually see a difference in their behavior today. They've only been to their rooms once!

Their behavior has been so horrid they have only been to the pool once so far this summer. (That's their reward.) But, maybe we will get to go more often very soon!


Odd Mix said...

That sounds FANTASTIC! And I know just how you have been feeling. THe stress of our move really put a hurt on thier behavior for a while.

vicci said...

You go Lauri girl! Sounds good to me...and it sounds like the kids are responding really well....

lindiepindie said...

Yeah - the kid's tone of voice is really important to me. I just recently realized that their tone of voice when they talk to me can be so rude as well. I had just gotten used to it. Now its, "are you allowed to talk to mommy like that?"

Way to go making them hike - they are learning so much AND building great memories with their dad.