Tuesday, September 05, 2006

I don't know why I'm so lame, lately...

I think this kid gig is catching up to me. Or, turning 40 really does turn you into an old lady! lol!

I'm almost afraid to say it but...everybody who reads this better be knocking on wood RIGHT NOW...but...things are going fairly well. Aside from our daily episodes of "Extreme Sibling Rivalry", Allison, and especially Ethan are getting off to GREAT starts in school this year! I do believe Ethan's teacher this year is a heaven sent angel, and, if the rest of the year goes as well as it is so far, I'm nominating her for teacher of the year! Then demanding that she move up to 3rd grade with him! lol! The ONLY time he has been sent to the principal's office so far is because, he had had such a great week at school (the 2nd week in) he earned a 'Good Phone Call Home' pass, and got to go to the VP's office, and Mr. O. got to call me and give me the good news, then I got to talk to Ethan. That was so wonderful!

Allison seems to be really enjoying school...of course, nothing is very hard for her so, she can be social AND make A's at the same time, and all of the teachers love her. So what's not to like? lol!

Claire has gotten a job as my assistant this year...Assistant to the Head Keeper of the Munkees at munkeepod. She is an expert at firing people (rofl!) and tends to take off a little early in the afternoons but, she does a good job while she's here and screens all my calls...which is really what an assistant is for anyway, right? So, if you ever call and hear a little voice saying, "Hello, this is munkeepod, can I help you?", you've got the right number. (It tends to throw people off! lol!)

OK-I've got one hour of 'Law & Order' left before Ethan gets home...I'm going to go try and enjoy it!

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