Thursday, September 28, 2006

Yeah, that's about right...

You May Be a Bit Schizotypal...

A bit odd and socially isolated.
You couldn't care less of what others think.
And some of your beliefs are a little weird.
Like that time you thought you were Jesus.

I never really thought I was Jesus, and know damn well I'm not Mary! But, I'm sure I've thought something equally as weird at some point. Come to think of it, I am a Smith after all...and we all think we're God...maybe that's what it's talking about! rofl!

Moving on...ever had one of those days where you get absolutely nothing done? Like, not even a shower? Well, I've had a whole week like that! I did get to take showers yesterday AND today, though.

It's been that way mostly because Ethan's been sick this week...started Sunday. By Wednesday he hadn't run a fever in 24 hours and seemed much better, so I sent him to school. It was only a half day, but when he walked in the door he looked worse than ever. Poor baby! Then yesterday evening he was telling me about how his "right nostril" hurt...and there was a bad smell. Ah-ha! Sinus infection. Of course, it was too late to call the pediatrician and make an appointment, so we had to wait until this morning. Then, he woke up and threw up-which is actually a bonus, because that way the doctor will work you right in! lol! The verdict was, of course, a sinus infection. Poor thing! Last week-well, 2 weeks ago-he had that absess in his tooth/gums, from where a filling had fallen out. He did a 10 day course of amoxicillin, then last Thursday went back and had that tooth taken care of. We've just been a whirlwind of dentists, psychologists and pediatricians!

Today was also the conference with his teacher. He is doing so great in school this year! I'm still in love with her after a month and a half of school, so she's doing something right! (Actually, I think Ethan is just a little bit in love with her, too! hee-hee!) Don't tell him I told you that! Anyway, she's very wonderful, as is his new Special Ed. teacher. They both have learned how to deal with him and keep their voices low and calm-he hates loud noises and loud voices, and it really gets to him. (I don't know HOW I got to be his mother!!! Certainly, if that had been taken into consideration, he would have been placed elsewhere!) I'm definitely going to have to make them something special, and soon!

And, I have my first 'mafia sitdown' this weekend...we've gotta bunch of business to take care of. Can't wait for that! I know I'm such a goober, but it's all very exciting to me. OH! And I got a gig on Monday talking to a group of 3rd graders at their Career Day! So that's pretty cool. I'll let y'all know how that goes. We are also taking part in the Ladyfest Arts & Crafts show the weekend of the 20th. So, between career day, Ladyfest and Stitch (Nov. 11, in Austin) this has basically turned into a full-time job! So...let's hope it starts paying like one! lol!

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