Thursday, March 29, 2007

Just wanted to brag on Ethan a little bit...

FIRST...he loves to draw and paint, and he is pretty good at it, too! And anytime he earns reward time at school and is given the choice to have free time on the computer, do something else, or draw, he always chooses drawing. Anyway, one of the pictures he drew and painted was one of the ones chosen to represent his school at the district level, and that show is tonight! We are always telling him what talent he has, but it's nice to have it come from an impartial 3rd party...especially his school!

SECOND...since his visit to the neurologist and a little 'uppage' on the dose of one of his meds, he has been having some much better days at school, and home! Things certainly are not 100%, but it's nice that I'm not so worried about what he is going to do today to get himself sent to alternative school!

***And now back to irregularly scheduled crazy life!***

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Margaret said...

I have a gifted artist in my older child, and she was very hard to parent. (not in a bad way--but they THINK differently) She never fit in very well in her grade school, junior high or even high school, except through her ART. And now she has found more of a niche for herself at college. For your Ethan and my Ashley, art is a powerful means of self-expression and venting, if you will. For artists like them, it is very therapeutic. For me, it's extremely frustrating because I am NOT artistic at all. Congrats to him on his recognition!