Monday, March 12, 2007

It's Spring Break here... of course, after a couple of weeks of gorgeous, Spring weather, it started raining promptly on Sunday afternoon. I've never had a Spring Break without rain, so really, I wouldn't know what to do if it were nice, anyway!

Thank goodness Mom was here Wednesday through Sunday, and she planned ahead with some art projects for the kids, and of course I always have popsicle sticks and tape handy. Plus, there is always the vacuumimg and dusting they can do...hey, Allison's the one with the asthma problems, so I think it's only fair that she is responsible for keeping the breathing air clean, right??? ;)'ll be our turn to go visit mom in a few days...probably right after the rain clears our area and follows it down to ours! ha!

In other news...NOT happy with the Baby Nikon right now. Finally got the software loaded onto the computer, uploaded all 297 pictures. All is going well. Then it asks me if I want to go ahead and delete the pictures from my! This is full service! Kodak didn't do that. So yeah, what the hell, let's do it. So now all pictures are deleted from the camera-full fresh memory is ready to go! And I'm groovin' along, adding tags and comments to some of the pictures when, BAM!!! Up pops this window saying something like, 'Oopsy! We've encountered a problem and have to shut down now and you and your pictures are fucked.' ALL, and I do mean EVERY SINGLE ONE of my pictures are GONE! Most of the pictures I was just playing anyway, but, there were a few really neat ones of the kids in action, some for the '', and a whole entire 'Starbucks Series' that was really good!

I sat in Starbucks one day for an hour or so and took a bunch of pictures of Claire in stripey tights (!) and the atmosphere and the things people bring into luggage...real, live, in use, sets of luggage. Why? We aren't in an airport-or even close to one. I don't think there is a luggage store around there, like they just bought some luggage and were stopping in Starbucks on their way out. Plus, had tags and stuff on them and they were definitely used. Couldn't they have just left them in the trunk of their car? Are they full of diamonds? Hundreds of thousands of dollars? The coolest shoes ever??? If so, why not leave one person in the car with the shoes, and let the other one run in and get their drinks?

People ask me why I love Starbucks so much, and this is why...Sociology, with a little Psychology thrown in. The sociology part is the best, though. You get every type of person in there, and they all seem to feel comfortable going there. Students in there studying with their books and laptops; some scary looking people; your average Betty Homemaker; new moms with tiny babies who have to get out of the house before they kill themselves; the very 'Social Elite' (or they think) who, frankly, I'm surprised are able to lower themselves to the Starbucks general public; business men and women running in and out; least in my particular Starbucks...the VERY arrogant doctor who I like to play games with and try to beat him there by 11:45 and take the chair, "HIS CHAIR", where he sits for an hour to an our and a half every single day. He HAS TO be a surgeon...the only people with that much arrogancy and egos that big are surgeons, pilots, and the strain of Smith's I come from...and Aunt Carol-don't fall off your chair laughing at this! rofl!!! (Because it is absolutely true, y'all!) Anyway...the doctor. I LOVE to beat him in the chair race!!! I actually don't even like that chair because my back is against the door, but, when I win I have full view of all of his glares and utter distaste and disgust for me, for having the nerve to throw off his whole entire day, because his little was disrupted by having to sit in another spot. If he is there first, I really don't mind, because I get to sit by the windows and observe the wonderful little things life is made of, like this...the man who comes and gets a drink for himself and a cup of whipped cream for his two dogs to share.


you da mom! said...

i agree, starbucks is great for people watching. you can get quite an education in there. i love to try and guess what number date people are on. first-daters are always fidgety with their cups!

Elizabeth K said...

oh my god, you would be the type to have a chair fight with someone, wouldn't you? That cracks me up. The last time I actually sat down at a Starbucks I enjoyed a flirty moment over the top of the newspaper with the man sitting across from me. But as soon as I saw the glint of his wedding ring I stopped with the flirty eye making.

LoriLaurieLauri said...

In my started out very innocently! I swear! I sat down in this chair one day, he came in and growled at me, and continued to growl and grimace for a whole hour until I left, then he JUMPED UP and grabbed The Chair for himself.

Game was on, ba-bay!