Wednesday, February 28, 2007

My workout for the day! Brought to you by the Letter 'E'.

Or just the first heart attack of the day...I'm sure the stroke will come later...

Trying to get Ethan to school, and I can't find my keys. Every single time I come in the door, I hang them on my Frida Kahlo Key Hanger that is right there...I made it Frida, so I'd want to look at it and then I'd remember to hang my keys's always worked before.

But Frida let me down today.

Can't find my keyes anywhere! Found my purse underneath my bed (whaaa?) yesterday, so I'm even looking there. No keyes. I make a half jokingly/half serious remark about "We might have to walk to school today-I can't find my keyes."

Now...if I had told Ethan he had to walk to school or I would kill him, it would have gone in one ear and out the other. But not today! I had gone back upstairs to do another once over, came down, noticed it was rrrreeeeeeeeeeaallllyyy quiet, and ETHAN WAS GONE!

Rush to look outside, and he's not even on our street. Claire runs down the street and he's not around the corner.

I call the school, tell them "blah blah blah, so I think Ethan is walking to school. Can you give him about 5 or 10 minutes and call me if he makes it there or not?" She thinks I'm crazy and goes, " THINK he is walking to school today but you don't KNOW???"

I told her yes, he's not here so he must be on his way to school.
Right??? lol!

Hang up, call Steven THREE TIMES BEFORE HE WILL ANSWER HIS PHONE...and tell him what's happening while Claire and I are running down the street in our pajamas in no shoes. Thank God I sleep in pajama pants and had put on a bra in anticipation of driving and dropping him off! lol!

Steven was going to leave work and come home or to the school or something...that wouldn't do any good at this point, so I just told him to call the school. He calls directly to Mr. Owens...poor Mr. Owens...I love that man! lol!

Claire and I are half naked and almost to the school when the receptionist calls, and he is there. Whew! So we turn around and go home, Steven calls me back and lets me know that Claire and I had just done about a little over a mile in like 7 minutes! That girl can run! I'm like wheezing and crawling on the ground, and she isn't even out of breath! I think we have a track star in our future! ha!


Kate said...

There's nothing like an adrenaline rush! I'm glad everything is ok.

blop said...

That will certainly get the heart pumpin' won't it?? Lol:D
Poor girl, now you can take the rest of the week off, you did your workout for the week.

parrotheadmom said...

hi! I like your bags...will you be making more?


Foolish said...

Foolish syas it cool :)

LoriLaurieLauri said...

Debbie-I'm always making more! Anything you had in mind???