Monday, February 05, 2007


We are all taking turns with colds, viruses, pink-eye and whathaveyou. I don't think I can infect you through the internet but, don't come to my house.

New Rule: Children should go to school even when sick. Who cares if somebody else's kid gets pink-eye? They have drops for that and it's no big deal. Other parents send their sick kids to school and get Allison sick-which means SHE CAN'T BREATHE!-and obviously that's no biggie either. No one else cares about the health of my children, which can include life-or-death situations for Allison, so, why should I care about them? Not to mention that the germs and crap get spread all over the house and take their turns with Claire, Steven and me.

And the freakin' ice and snow! Don't forget about the children being trapped in the house for days during all of that! From now on...they can walk. Well, I'll get a sled for Allison. Walking home in the afternoons may be difficult, but sledding downhill for about 5 miles will be a blast in the mornings!

I think since Christmas Break was over, there have only been about 3 days when Al and E were both in school. Freud, Jung and Pavlov put together couldn't even BEGIN to understand my mental state at this point. Well, maybe Pavlov...if he could just set up a little deal where I could press the lever and some Dr Pepper or Krispy Kreme doughnuts, or, hey, maybe even a few tranquilizers would come out, that just might help. I'm a quick study for that kind of thing.

I need a shower and a nap. Maybe I'll go try one or both. Or maybe the tranquilizer thing...then I just won't care whether or not I've had either!


Elizabeth K said...

mmmmmm donuts!

damn, just the word makes me drool.

Gina said...

Hope you all feel better!

Michelle said...

I thought we just sent them to school sick to keep them out of our hair! LOL

Well, mine get so dang much homework, they don't want to stay home!

Hope you feel better soon.