Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The Official George Clooneyton Action Figure!

Well, here it is! I finally found it and took a picture of it...the action figure Claire made of the First President of the United States, George Clooneyton!

(Scroll down a few posts if you are confused.)

In other news...I got to meet Elizabeth from Lazy Life (link is over to the right) last weekend. She's as sweet as I thought she would be and Lulu is my new best friend in the whole world! However, without really knowing me, Elizabeth offered to go shopping with me, to all the funky shops down on Congress Ave. (We were in Austin.) I hope she didn't get more than she bargained for! Well, I know she did, because she did have to sit down for a while (pppffttttt!), but I just hope she recovered enough by Monday to make it into work! Not the first time I've shopped til the other person dropped! lol! Anyway, if she'll still have me, I'd like to be her friend. I, personally, had a blast, and it's great driving by myself all the way to Austin with no kids and good music!

You know, now that I think about it...a long distance relationship would be good for me!

Ooohhhhhhhhh...I hear the Law & Order song calling to me. I'll check back in later, when I'm really back to the land of the living. I came down with a cold that is going to leave me minus one lung. It's gonna end up hacked out on the floor like a hairball from the cats.

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Logies said...

EXCUSE me you have a new best friend! Well I NEVER!!!

fine I will just go to the melting pot with my new best friend (as soon as I find one)