Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Quick! Hurry, please!

Something is very wrong here in BlogSmith land! Take their temperatures, call the doctors (pediatrician, psychologist and psychiatrist), do some DNA testing , or whatever you have to do! The children I gave birth to are not in this house today.

And how do I know this, you wonder?

There has been NO TV all day long!

WHAT THE F*CK?!? (see, I knew that would be your response!)

Yep, that's right...the kids have been home all day today (they go back to school tomorrow) and not only have they not watched TV, it Hasn't. Even. Been. Turned. On! Plus...I've only had to intervene in, I think, 3 fights/arguments.

Not to mention that I braved the vaccuum cleaner once again. I even vaccuumed between the cushions on the couch! Sucked up a lot of chunky things...don't know what they were because I was too afraid to even look, but I bet they were Legos.

Something weird is going on in 2007!


Elizabeth K said...

What are they doing if not watching tv? Surely one of them is old enough to vacuum for you? Don't make me sic a possum on them!

LoriLaurieLauri said...


Have I ever told you about our coyotes??? lol!

Anyway...they were just playing and getting along. If they are being good, I'm certainly not gonna screw it up by making someone vacuum for me. I just enjoy the silence and vacuum away! lol!

OddMix said...

Happy New Year! I am back from vacation and working my way around saying, "Hi!"

I just LOVE TVless days - not that they happen very often!