Saturday, January 06, 2007


The reknowned historian, Claire, has just announced that the First President of the United States was George Clooneyton!

*I am NEVER going to stop laughing from that one!*

On to other business...Target Business...there is some GREAT new stuff at Target! In their "One Dollar to $2.50 Section", they have a bunch of Curious George stuff...memo pads, pens, tiny Georges, coloring books and some stationary packs. I picked up a couple of coloring books for the kids-these were actually a dollar, which I'm afraid is actually a bargain for coloring books these days!

And I got a little package of pens and 2 packs of the stationary, also. These packages are really cute-there is a pad of paper for writing your letters on in the middle, then there are envelopes on either side. When it's open it looks like this...

Then it closes up and looks like this.

The big plus...IT WORKS! It actually got Ethan and Claire to write thank-you notes for Christmas gifts!

HEY MA! Remember these shoes??? Although back in the early 70's they were tan. But, you wouldn't let me have a pair. Kelly Kleinpeter had some, though, so we traded...I don't remember what pair I gave her in return, but you made me trade her back. Well, I bought my own now! And I'm 40 years old and you can't make me return them! lol! Another Target bargain. They had them in tan, also, but I like dark brown better.

Claire has been wanting cowboy boots for a while. She was wearing a pair of Ethan's old ones, from when he went through his 'Superman in Cowboy Boots' stage. (Wish I had a picture of that!!!) Anyway, she's grown out of them, and she found these pink ones at Target and had to have them. And how can I refuse my 'shoe daughter' new shoes, when she inherited the disease from me? So here she is, looking so tough in her new pink boots.

And here's a close up...

You can also see another cute Target find over at ArtSmith. I really should be a contributor to the "Slave to Target" blog! lol!


Elizabeth K said...

OH man, I love me some Target. Do you know how expensive it is for me to live right down the street from one? Did you see that the "world market" is back? Or all the Japanese plastic dinnerware? Super cute stuff.

mommyov5 said...

oh I am gonna have to check out that Curious George stuff, Stephanie loves him, she has him tattoed on her shoulder! I loved when they had the Mickey stuff in the dollar bins :-) Claire is to darn funny, and Adriana loves those boots to!

Lotta said...

Most excellent Target finds. I'm overdue for a visit to the company store!

OddMix said...

Great boots! My Elisabeth has a pair just like them!