Thursday, June 07, 2007

Why am I so naive year after year after year...

Not even year after year...also holiday after holiday, event after event, day after day...I always think "THIS TIME it's gonna be better!"

I have a plan for the summer for the kids this year-basically homeschool, but fun. With LOTS of arts and crafts! For example, this week was 'Fish Week'. We learn some cool things about fish, and make a lot of things with fish on them. I found tons of fish and ocean related foam thingys at Michael's, so we were going to make "aquariums", those foam can holders/koozies covered with fish; I got some solid color beach towels that we are going to applique with fish, clam shells, dolphins, seaweed, mermaids, etc..., and also got some of those bucket hats to decorate as well-either appliqued or embroidered or both. OH! I also got flip-flops that the kids decorated, and they came out so cute! And yes, you know I got those for me, too! lol!

Sounds fun, no?

But of course, there was an incident. Tuesday morning Ethan "hi-yahed!" a perfect front kick squarely into Claire's chest. She seemed perfectly fine-breathing great, no hurt ribs or anything like that, but, all I could think of was "What if?" "What if he had broken a rib and it had puntured her heart or lung?" "What if the pressure of the kick had ruptured her aorta, like what happened to Princess Diana, and she bled to death?" (Or, maybe, just a tiny little vein???)

OK-so maybe I was a little dramatic that day.

But, I'm not a mom who takes her kid into the doctor for every little thing. I take them for their well-check visits every year, and other than that, they have to pretty much be running a fever of 105 for 24 hours OR they need stitches. The Pediatrician pretty much knows that, if I'M calling, it's probably warranted.

So I called. I don't even know the number for the pediatrician. I had to call Steven to get it. Chalk another one up for Mom of the Year.

They put me straight through to the nurse, who asked me a bunch of questions then said they wouldn't be able to work Claire in until 4:30 and she didn't want me to wait that long so, emergency room it was.

Of course Claire is fine, and apparently it's gonna take a lot more than a 126 lb. brother perfectly planting a kick in her chest to bring her down, but, it really did scare me! I know the difference between real remorse and fake remorse, and Ethan really and truly is the most sensitive, sympathetic and empathetic person I have ever known, BUT...does he have NO FRONT TEMPORAL LOBE AT ALL??? Short of shooting him with a dart that could take down an elephant, what is it going to take to get him to control his impulses? And this kind of super, really serious stuff only happens with Claire.

We did get an emergency appointment with my Favorite Psychologist Ever yesterday, and, he is going to start seeing Ethan and Claire together; which I think is a GREAT idea!

So...homeschool fun with arts and crafts mixed with Psychotherapy for the summer! Who could choose Disneyland over that?

And we are a little behind on the fish stuff, but, the flip-flops did turn out great, so I'll definitely take a picture of those! I think the towels will be cute, too. I was also making quite a bit of progress on a special "fish" game that is a surprise for the kids, but it has stalled. I think I can pick up on it this evening maybe. But, I'm telling you it's gonna be so freakin' cute, you will have to come back for pictures!

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Monica said...

I know about those 'what if?' feelings too. I though I was the only mom in the world who have to ask my hsband for the pediatrician's phone number when we 'need' to make appointments.
Can't wait to see pictures of your projects with the kids!