Thursday, November 01, 2007

Because 2 Adults, 3 Kids and 4 Cats weren't enough...

We got a dog!

And I wonder why I never have time to sit down. Well, now I have to sit down a lot cuddle with Lucy and all. Dogs like to cuddle a lot more than cats! Oh! And they like to be dressed up and wear clothes, too. Really. Just ask them. And they also love to have 13 year old girls paint their claws with bright red nail polish! rofl!

Don't ask me how this happened, because I really don't know. I never wanted a dog, and neither did Steven. We have been telling the kids "no" for years now. Then all of a sudden, I just had to have one! The only requirement was that it had to be female and small. So, I started "The Search". And there are so many cute ones out there! But, we finally found just the right dog for us, at the Animal Shelter in San Marcos. Lucy was one of 15-yes, that's right, 15!-Chihuahuas that had been abandoned in the Wal-Mart parking lot there. Fifteen Chihuahuas of all ages. Personally, I think someone decided to get a couple of dogs and breed them and make lots of easy money, then finally realized it wasn't as easy as they thought it would be, and just left them all there in the parking lot one night. Luckily they were rescued before any harm came their way. We went and visited with them and realized that Lucy was definitely meant for us! She is about 3 years old and has had more than one litter of puppies. She is so calm and quiet; she never ever bothers the cats; she RARELY barks (we've only heard her bark about 5 times in the 2 weeks we have had her)and when she does bark it's just for show-you know, that 'Chihuahua Attitude', she is so easy-going and never runs off...just an all-around great little dog! You know, I do believe that people, animals, things, etc...come into your life for a reason and right when you need them. I think Gayla sent Lucy to me. I lost Gayla forever and Claire to Kindergarten right around the same time, and suddenly found myself alone, with no one to talk to or interact with except the Scotch Tape I did have a long conversation with one day, and Gayla decided I needed a dog! lol! And although I still instinctively pick up the phone to call Gayla, I do think Lucy helps...and I can take her places with me, carrying her in her little baby carrier with her cute little clothes and blankets...although her little ears turn red when she starts getting hot in there, just like Ethan's and Steven's! lol! And when we are home, she is either right at my feet (I've actually accidently stepped on her a couple of times) or sitting on my lap the whole time. Definitely my dog.

*Really-I'm not insane. I don't think.*

So anyway, here are a few-okay, a lot-of pictures. And no, I didn't deliberately keep Ethan out of the pictures, it's just that by the time we got home with her after she had been spayed it was around 8:00 (because we had to stop at Target for cute stuff), about an hour and a half after his bedtime and he got out of the car and went straight to bed and we never heard another peep! lol!

She's a Daddy's Girl!

This is Lucy's kennel with the banner I has her name on it, although you can barely see it. Molly the Cat also enjoys the kennel! She likes to get in it when Lucy is out. It's so funny the way she sits in there, though: absolutely straight up and looking around at everything like she may be interested in buying. It's hilarious!

There are no pictures of Annie or Lilly anywhere near the fact, we very rarely see Annie anymore at all! But Molly is just so curious about the whole thing! This first night, since Lucy was moving around too much for Molly to get a really good look at her, Molly just waited until Lucy was good and asleep, and then did a thorough checking out! lol!

Frida is just keeping her distance! However, she is coming around a lot more these days.

By the end of the day, she was one worn out puppy!

Of course, there has been so much going on around here I could never tell you everything, but, this is the biggest news by far. Well, that AND I got my hair cut! Maybe with all of the kids in school, I'll have time to do that on a more routine basis! Oh, I can give you a head's up on 'Future News' parents will be here tomorrow for the weekend or a month (however long I can talk them into) and Steven and I got tickets for the Spurs game Friday night!!! I haven't been excited about going anywhere in a LONG TIME, but I am sooooooo excited about this! I love our Spurs!

Oh, and of course, I Love Lucy! ha!

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