Thursday, December 13, 2007

Target and Other Thoughts

Yikes-I posts since before Thanksgiving! Believe me, it's not because there is nothing going on here. In fact, it's because there is too much! lol!

So I received this Target add in my email. It features gifts for men, women and children.

Gifts for Women: A Gilligan & O'Malley Robe for $14.99; and a Turtleneck Sweater for $24.99.

Gifts for Men: A $179.99 Camcorder and Leather Jackets ranging from $99.99 to $109.99.

Gifts for Kids. Because they've been EXTRA GOOD this year. One of these is the Exercauser Triple Fun Activity Center for $119.99

Now...these are my thoughts on the matter:

How come the gifts that are featured on this Target add for women are a $15 robe and a $25 dollar sweater, and the featured gifts for men are a $180 camcorder and a $100+ leather jacket???

Hmmm...ever think I'd like a bigger lens for my Nikon (although I know they don't have those at Target), or a new and bigger TV that shows all of the colors equally and not just focus on red??? How about that Zune? I want one of those, too! And while you're at it, add that camcorder to my list, too. That Kodak 12 mp camera for $250 would be really cool if it really worked, but, I am having serious reservations at the ability of it actually being a 12mp camera-Point and Shoot, no less.

Seriously-men take one look at that add and go, "Hey! There's a Target 2 miles from here and I'm in and out and done for fifteen bucks. And look how happy she will be in that big bulky robe! Woot!"** Shit. Might at well throw in some pots and pans or a vacuum or crock pot or something. And the baby gift is some big noisy thing that would drive any adult over the edge! Then they wonder why their wives are mad at them all the time.

I think my favorite part of the add is this quote: "Gifts for kids. Because they've been extra-good this year." I think Santa has turned a blind eye to this house. You know they (the kids themselves) know they are in trouble when, while standing in line to see Santa last Sunday and they are hearing all the things about how Santa watches you all year and knows if you've been bad or good, and Claire leans over and you can hear the desperate whispering in your ear, "Ummm, Can Santa read your mind, too?" (Just might be time to bring this one in for confession! I think it would be very beneficial to her soul to let her skip a few grades!)


In other news, because I ALWAYS love to learn new words and their definitions-seriously. I love dictionaries!

**The word "Woot" has just been chosen by Meriam-Webster as the new "Word of the Year" for 2007! I just learned that this morning, and I'm already using it in a sentence. To be totally honest to the point that some people may think I'm a freak, the word "woot" has been in the pop-culture for years now, and I'm not so sure that it's timeworthy of 2007. Maybe something more like 2001. Personally, I think a more appropriate word would have been something like 'selflessness' or 'charity' or 'coexist', even 'sympathetic'...something to remind people that it's not ALL ABOUT THEM. Like it or not, we live with millions of other people, and the things I am trying to accomplish are as important to me as they things others are trying to accomplish. Take "Little Driving Man Talking on Cell Phone" this morning...just because you are dressed more nicely (and talking on your cell phone) than the woman wearing pajama pants and a t-shirt who had just dropped of one of her children and her child's friend at school, does not make you more important than she or anyone else at the intersection where you blew through the STOP sign, and would have caused an accident if the other driver hadn't been paying as much attention. Get a sense of equality, will you?

Not to even mention doing good things for others, no matter how small. *Totally not to brag on myself here, but...* I was in line to check out at Target last week, with a basketfull of who knows what. I just know it was A LOT! A man walked up behind me with a package of diapers and a couple of other baby type things. I knew it was going to take me a long time to check out, and he could be in and out in about 2 minutes so, I told him to go ahead and get in front of me and check out first. He looked incredulous and asked if I was sure. I said of course...I'm gonna be here a while, you go ahead. He was very grateful and said thank-you several times, THEN he told me that his wife had just had a baby and they were on their way home from the hospital and had to stop for a couple of things...he ran in to get them while his wife and the baby waited in the car. The moral of this story is: do something nice for someone at least once a day, because sometimes you get incredible stories like this one! So totally worth the extra few seconds of waiting! And just from my own personal experience, I know how extremely grateful any woman trying to get in a doorway with a stroller will be if you will hold the door open for her!

My mom always told me to live by The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I still try to live every day like that (sometimes I lose my temper, yes; I won't say I'm perfect!). But, living that way makes life that much easier for everyone, and sweeter, too. And it will all come back around to you!


you da mom! said...

ha! i never noticed that. we really get the short end, don't we? damn target! just for that, i'm getting my husband the $7.99 bottle of stetson cologne.

Lori said...

Hey Miss Lauri....just wanted to let you know that I deleted my other blog since really, it doesn't apply to me anymore. I started a new one. Check it out...
I emailed my numbers, why haven't you called? You don't love me anymore??? lol

Lori said...

Hey, did you notice the hat? Recognize it? Gawd Gayla is everywhere

scribbler said...

Man that's funny. And we get overcharged for the essentials we need and taxed on tampons. Bastards.