Tuesday, January 22, 2008


*This is not my best work. I usually write much better, more coherent...but, I'm in a big rush, and I really want this out there one way or another! Because I am DEFINITELY Pro-Choice!*

I am a firm believer in Pro-Choice. Like you didn't know, but...I want that right out there. No question.

People think that that is weird, considering that I am adopted. However...that wasn't my choice to make; it was my bio mother's choice. She was the one who had to be pregnant for 9 months, hiding out in a 'Home for Unwedded Mothers" for 5 months, then go through labor and delivery just to hand the baby over to someone else.

The choice she made-adoption vs. abortion vs. keeping me herself-worked out in the best way possible! For me, anyway. I would have had no problem being aborted, and I KNOW that if she kept me for herself my life growing up with her could never have compared to the life I had with my parents...in a good way! And I truly believe that giving your baby up for adoption has to be, MUST be, the single most self-less act a person can do.

I know I could not do it. Ever. I know that if I had ever gotten pregant before I was ready to handle it on my own, and had accomplished the goals I wanted to accomplish in my life before I had children, I would have been in the fast lane all the way to Planned Parenthood!

Even now, after having given birth to 3 live children, I still believe I should have the right to make my own choice. I am the one who has to deal with the consequences for the rest of my life either way...why should that choice be left to someone else?

I certainly don't see any legistatures or people in the general public jumping up to help out mothers who don't have any support! Financial, Pre-natal, medical help for the mother and the child, diapers and formula, food, clothes, roofs over their heads, education in decent schools...I could go on and on Why should they have the right to force me to have a baby who isn't going to have the best in life? The people who campaign against it are nothing but a bunch of hypocritcal liars; many of whom feel it is perfectly OK to take out a living doctor or an abortion clinic full of living people to "save" an embryo that isn't even viable! I'm not saying that abortion should be a regular form of birth control, as repeated abortions can do damage to a female; however, saft abortions should ALWAYS be an option!

And don't even get me started on what WILL happen if abortions are made illegal! (Well ok, a little bit...) There will always be the option for abortion, legally or otherwise. If people are forced to have illegal abortions there are more complications that could arise from that than I can even come up with. Including, but not limited to: infection, ruptured uteruses, scarring and damage so severe that if she ever wants to have another baby it won't be possible, and death.

Remember what it used to be like? Let's not go back there. Vote Pro-Choice.

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