Monday, February 04, 2008

Yes, we did survive last week...

Barely. Ethan and Claire started out with the flu, then Claire went on to Strep Throat. They were home. For many days. Then Steven decided that THIS was the time to paint. After two and a half years of me begging it finally had to be done last weekend. After many days of children at home. So...children at home and man painting. I just locked myself away in my studio and pretended not to hear all of the yelling and screaming.

It worked!

Of course, he's not even close to being finished with the painting, so that will be all next weekend, too. But, Saturday I am teaching my very first sewing class! I still can't believe that. It's a kids' class, and we will be making a pillow, so I can handle that. No zippers involved!

As for Sunday...I see a road trip to Austin in my future! lol!

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