Sunday, April 30, 2006

I know where the socks go, but what about this other stuff?

Like tweezers? My tweezers are always disappearing and I am forever buying new ones. They only place I keep them is my makeup bag, so how do they just disappear?

Scissors. What's with the freakin' scissors?

All of my black pens. I only use black ink. The kids don't use that, they use all of those gel pens and stuff. Yet, all of the black ones disappear.

Oh! And my colored pencils. Of course, I think I know which little munchkins are responsible for that. But they are the good artist ones! They have TONS, really, of Crayola and RoseArt ones in their art area. Yet they sneak into my studio, searching and hunting until they find the good ones (because I'm smart enough to know I should hide them; yet, not smart enough because they find them).

Copy paper. Ummm...just refer back to the above paragraph.

ANYTHING that is MINE! I don't care what it is. If it's mine, it disappears. Right into thin air! Even things like bras and underwear...and shut up, Gayla!!! lmao!

Seriously, I think there is a spirit in this house that 'disappears' my things. Maybe it's time to burn some more sage.

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vicci said...

You are so funny...I just love ya!!! My tweezers are gone also!!! Maybe both of our tweezers decided to meet up somewhere!! My black ultra sharpies too! Is it still HOT there????