Saturday, April 15, 2006

Was there EVER a kid who knew herself better?

This is hilarious! My mom found this in the top of her closet and brought it to me this morning. This was an assignment I had in 4th grade...9 years old. It was called a "Research Project", though I don't know why the teacher called it that...there certainly wasn't any research involved. But, the assignment was to write a one page story on how you would run a business if you were the boss.

The funny thing is, this really could not be more spot on, even 30 (exactly) years later! The only difference is, I didn't, and probably wouldn't ever, work for a major oil company. (I probably just said "Gulf Oil" because that is who my dad worked for.) BUT, when I did work, I worked as a social worker for a non-profit (well, there goes the "rich" part! lol!) women's agency. There were NO MEN. I was the "Boss"/Director of a shelter for abused women and their children. After doing that for a couple of years, I because the Director of Community Service...educating the public about domestic violence. I was nice most of the time, but I was definitely "mean" when I had to be. I still say I'm not/wasn't/wouldn't be "mean"...but I am tough and demand the best of my employees and myself. I don't expect any more out of anyone else than I expect out of myself, and I don't put up with mediocrity or ignorance. If you don't know something you should, ask questions and find out about it...research the subject. If you can't/won't do that, then, you are mediocre and ignorant, and that definitely warrants a firing.

I must admit, if there wasn't much going on that day, I did always have a book (or two! lol!) on hand to keep myself occupied! And at non-profit agencies, you do get paid just about $25 a month! lol!

The absolute BEST part about working with a group of women is lunchtime! If we didn't go out every day, it was at least several times a week, and I know I picked up the tab a few times if one of us couldn't quite stretch our $25 a month to include so many lunches out! it idea of how to run a business...

"It's a Tough Life"

"If I were the "Boss" of a company I would be nice & sometimes I would be mean.

I would make them do everything I wanted them to do OR they would be fired.

I would have a big office bulding with lots of offices and would not let any men work there.

I would be working for Gulf Oil.

I if I were "boss" I would relaxt and take it easy. I might read a book or two.

I would pay the people twenty-five dollars a month,

I would bring a few of my frinds out to lunch every day to a very fancy resteraunt that had very good food and I would pay there way in every day because I would be rich."

*So there you have it folks...a kid of 9 years old, who knew exactly what kind of employer she would be as an adult. Actually, come to think of it, that's the kind of mother I am, too. Hmmm...don't know if that's good or bad. Should I slack up on the little guys a bit, or stay tough and expect the best? And just so you know, I typed it out with all the original mis-spellings and everything...just like I wrote it then.

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