Sunday, April 16, 2006

Just so you know we're not total heathens...

We did attend mass this morning! And the ceiling didn't even let out a little creak, much less cave in on us! lol! And I have to say it is a beautiful church. can tell we haven't been since Ethan was a baby. (We just couldn't do it with him...we couldn't even leave him in the nursery because they would just page us half way through.) Ethan and Claire had NO CLUE about anything. When we got to the pew, I was telling him how to kneel down to pray, so I told him to make the sign of the cross. Ethan promptly held up both arms toward the alter, and held his index fingers out in a plus/cross sign for everyone to see! LMAO! Then, the Monsignor stands up and it gets very quiet. (Steven is holding Claire so she can see.) Then he says, "Let us pray"...and Claire, in her loud voice, says, "Okay!" ROFLMAO! Then she kept wanting to know when they were going to hand out the Easter Baskets! lol!!! Needless to say, we were pretty entertaining to the people behind us! lol!

It's weird though...I still know every word of the mass (well, except for the readings and the Homily) and every song by heart.

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Turquoise CRO said...

We went to Easter Vigil Saturday night! Very pretty but just a TAD too long, almost 3 hours but OOOO, I do LOVE the singing and the instruments they had! I wish I knew the songs by heart!!!