Friday, August 11, 2006

Guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAAAAATTT!!!

I am now officially, legally, self-employed, small-business owner, professional artist/crafter!!!

And I am totally beside myself! Giddy, manic, ecstatic!!!

I got my DBA and tax ID number and it's all official-I am the CEO, Designer, and Manufacturer of 'munkeepod'!

This is a monumental day in my life...and Steven is on his way to Johnny Carino's right this minute to get some celebratory tiramisu AND cannoli's! lol! (My most favorite deserts in the world-JC's makes THE BEST tiramisu there is. I just don't care for their food much. lol!)

You know how sometimes you want to do something, but all of these things keep getting in your way, and like sending you signals to not do it? None of that has happened ever since I really started thinking about doing this...little things keep coming into my life leading me more and more toward the goal of having my own business doing what I love to do. And it just feels so right. I've always wondered how you knew, or when you could actually call yourself an "artist" it when you make something for the first time, is it when you finally, actually sell something...what??? Well, today I actually FELT it. This feeling in my heart and soul that I can actually call myself an artist, and I'm not lying! lol! I want to make t-shirts for all the kids that say, "My mom's an artist!"

Basically, I just want to shout it from the rooftops!

I don't think I've ever been so excited...and I think part of it is because I did it ALL BY MYSELF. It's my stuff. It's my ideas. It was my money that paid for the license and the notary. (OK-sure, that originally came from Steven, since he's the one supporting the family, was cash I had been just been accumulating and saving for a couple of weeks.) And it was SO GREAT when I was going to pay and Steven started to, and I was able to say, "I have cash. I'm paying for it myself." (Just the look on his face was worth every penny! rofl!)

I'm just so happy...and I want everyone to share it with me.

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vicci said...

Sweet Lauri!!!! I am so so so HAPPY for you!!!! Good Luck Girl! What can I buy???????