Thursday, November 30, 2006

Around the table...

Now that Blogger is allowing pictures on my blog again, here is a little more of our Thanksgiving Day. First of all, I should introduce you to everyone...

So here we go, around the table: I'm taking the pictures of course, so here on my right are Ethan, Steven and Claire.

And here on my left is Allison, my mom and my dad.

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving without the obligatory "drumbstick shots" (which just reminded me that we never did the wishbone!). Here is Ethan trying to manage his drumbstick, but the meat was literally dropping off of the bone!

Claire with her's...

The only way I get into a picture is if I take it of myself. That day I decided to take a 'nice' picture of Steven and myself. Steven had other ideas in mind...he just wanted to be silly.

After about half a dozen pictures, you can see my disdain. lol! But really, I think this is just our's hard for us to take a serious picture. I remember when we were having our engagement picture taken we couldn't take it seriously...and when we did get a 'nice' one, it just didn't look right. After I don't know how many pictures, I lost trust in him completely, and while he was sitting there looking like an angel, I'm looking at him with my head straight ahead, but my eyeballs were looking at him at a 90 degree angle, and the photographer snapped the picture...much like this one below...and that's the one we put in the paper! lol! But it was totally us! And what? 14 years later? We're still the same.

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